Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Butterfly kisses

I'm not sure how many of you know the song "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle, I believe. I haven't heard that song in a long while. I was driving tonight by myself (now that's hard to imagine!) when it came on. I was about to turn it off because it always makes me cry. But I thought, hey it's been a while, I am sure I can handle it. NO! WRONG!! I wasn't crying......I was BAWLING!!! This is no joke. I think I cry more each time I hear it. I would write about what the song is about, but I know I will start crying, and I don't feel like crying right now. Maybe google it, buy it or listen to K-LOVE (request it to be played) so that you can hear it.

I had done a huge grocery shopping today. I made multiple runs and am shopped out. I picked up this set of fraction cirlces from Walmart. I am always having to cut out circles and fractions of the circles for Moira's math and decided to get something that would better represent what they are trying to teach in her lesson. After all the cirlce fractions are supposed to be *equal* sized pieces, and for some reason I fail miserably at that . So tonight Isabella decided to teach Flannery about fractions. Then she decided to teach Saoirse the numbers 1-10. I snapped a few pictures of them. So here are our resident teachers/students. Moira had joined in on being a teacher as well.

I also added the last picture because you can see Isabella and Moira's hair wraps. Isabella only has a half of one because she didn't like how long it was taking. The wraps are on their right side of the head, behind their ears. Flannery had one as well, but we have taken it out.


Tracy said... have me outposted like 3-1. I need to catch up, but wait, I need to catch my breath first! HAHA I could never keep up with you running! Anyway, love the way your girls seem to be so patient and get along in the pictures! Saoirse especially seems the most patient! Just sitting there watching everything going on! Too cute!
Love, Tracy

Angie said...

Hi Kerry,
Looks like fun!!!

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