Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'll call it a day

No, nothing bad happened. Just the usuall. Except that poor baby man wouldn't sleep for naps! I do believe he is down for the night though. I forgot to share that Saoirse had been stung by a bunch of red ants a couple of weeks ago at church. They said it was fire ants, but I know a lot of people say that when in truth they are only red ants. But they hurt, and blistered up. Poor thing. Thankfully they had benadryl cream at the nursery. We were able to get that on the bites until we got home. She had around 50 stings! Mostly on her feet and ankles. She is all better now, and unbelievably, not afraid of ants.

So I have been thinking that I really want to buckle down and change to eating more raw foods, for me and the kids. Then today I have read of a few people that I have either read their books, or blogs that have cancer. I mean everyone seems to have it!!! It is really getting scary. I am sure part of it is the ability to broadcast that you have it on the internet, so more people can know. But the other is due to the fact that it has indeed grown more and more common. So I will try to impliment some changes a bit at the time. It seems like it may be easier to just go cold turkey, at least easier on the budget. I have done a lot of reading on this subject and know that we need to make the change. One of the things that got me reading, besides my love of reading up on health issues, is the scripture in Genesis that says that man's days shall be 120 years. How many people do you know personally that have lived to 120 years. So I figured one of two things was going on. One, God lied, which I know is not a possibility. Or two, we have fallen away from what He had planned for us in regaurds to how we live and eat. I'm leaning towards the second. There have been societies, and maybe a few left, that have indeed lived routinely to 120. And the common thread was that they ate raw foods, worked hard outdoors and drank plenty of water. And to think that as far as I know these were unbelieving groups of people. So the matter of health seems to be like a law of physics. We all know that if you put a penny in your hand, lift your hand above your head then turned your hand over that the penny will fall to the ground. Unless of course you put it directly over your head and it fell on your head. But in both cases the penny will fall. It's a law that God made. He made physical laws and spiritual laws. Now obviously it is more important that we adhear to God's spiritual laws. But I don't see why we can't do both. I know that sometimes when I talk to people about health issues they will bring up the fact that we are all going to die anyways....Yes, this is true. And indeed it is true that heaven will be immensely more glorious than this earth. But I do believe we can find blessings in living out our earthly time in health and energy. I find it a bit saddening that many Christians are being layed up due to numerous health issues. We spend our time in prayer for things that I believe can be avoided. Now PLEASE do not take me the wrong way!!!! I will always pray for those whose needs come my way regaurdless of the nature of their situation. I just think we have been blinded by the money makers of this world who want our dollars and who could care less if we are dying because of it. I would love to one day give talks on health to churches so that people can see that what ails them is caused by what they are eating. But for now I have to live it!! Isn't that the hardest part? We can know what to do and how to do it, but its another thing entirely to actuall DO it. I confess, I'm weak. Chocolate knows me by name.

Ok, well that was some post hey?

We are having a quiet week. I like it! We have church Bible study tomorrow. We eat dinner together and then have the Bible study. Then the girls have their last soccer game this saturday. I would like to start making some new ornaments for our Jesse Tree. We started that as a new tradition last year and I love it. But I found out about it late and made some of the ornaments REALLY quick!! I will still have them made of felt, but I would like to sew them instead of glue them as the glue kept coming undone last year. If you do an internet search with the words "Jesse Tree" you will see what it is. It's a great way to keep the focus of Christmastime on Christ. I also would like to get a "real" advent wreath with candles. We had a make shift one last year and lets just say it's a bit of a fire hazard. But the girls loved lighting the candles each evening at dinnertime.

Ok, must be going now. Didn't mean to write a novel. I was waiting for the girls to get done with their showers and so had a few minutes to write. Hope you all have a blessed day!!

Oh, here are some misc. pics of the girls creations. The first two are of Flannery and Moira's playdough creations. Flannery's are donuts or cupcakes. And Moira made a tea set with fork and spoon included. She even made a teddy bear to enjoy the tea set. Then the last is of Isabella's lego creation. It is a horse stable suitable for two lego horses. She is still a horse lover through and through!!

A P.S. I will be setting up blogs for Isa and Moira. We have Isabella's blog address, but there are no posts yet. You will be able to see her at:
Please stop by for a visit and leave her a comment. I will have to disable the section that makes you log in to comment, so check back if later if it isn't done yet.


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