Friday, November 10, 2006

Jedidiah is doing better!

Phew! Soooo glad he is doing better. He was starting to scare me! You see, he smiles ALL the time. Ok, not every single second, but pretty darn close. Big smiles too, like the one a few posts back. Well he was obviously just miserable with the hives because I can count how many times he smiled all day yesterday!! He is back to his little happy self today. I put all my clothes in the laundry to be re-washed. Hey, I needed more laundry!! I never seem to have enough to do (insert big rolling eyes here). I just plan on washing all our clothing in Dreft. When that runs out I will try the All Free and Clear and see what happens.

I have been spending some of my "free" moments making new Jesse Tree ornaments. I will post pics of the two I have finished and the one in the making. There are 28 ornaments in all for the tree, so I have a bit of work to do. The good thing is if I make two a day then I'll be done right before the Advent season starts. Here is a link or two on the Jesse tree. I have used several places to get the info I needed.
I can't seem to find the link that had the daily readings! I have it saved in a Word document, but didn't write the link down with it. I don't think I saved it to my favorites because I just decided to save it in Word.

The girls have their last day of soccer (until the spring that is) tomorrow. Isabella has been planning all sorts of parties. She wanted one for her soccer team, but we told her she should wait till the end of the year, not the season. And speaking of Isabella...she has decided she wants to fly. And no, I am not talking about in an airplane. She is making plans for some wings. I'm very serious! She plans on running down our road (downhill) to take off. If that goes well, she'll take off from our roof. She must of talked to me about it for at least an hour today. I "helped" tweak her plan. Well, for example, she decided that she needed to make each wing 9 feet long. But our little gravel road in not 18 feet wide. Small problem. Now Jerry told her that it's just not possible. But I'm thinking this would be a GREAT physics class!!!! Talk about hands on!! So if anyone has any ideas for her, I'm sure she would love to hear them. I don't know the first thing about flying matters. I told her God gave the birds wings, not me, so therefore I figured I shouldn't be flying. Makes sence to me. She just gave me an "Oh, Mom!!!" in that exasperated tone, a little roll of the eyes. Not in the bad sence, just in the 'your'e so old' sence. Ahh, to be young and know it all. I'm sure *I* was never that way.......HA! good night all

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Tracy said...

Good morning all! Love the ornaments! Wish I had that much creative spirit! I still mess up stick figures! Ha Ha! Anyway, tell Isabella that flying is for birds and planes! Tell her when she is 18 she can go hang gliding or bungee jumping to see what it feels like to "fly", but until then she is "grounded"! HAHAHAHAHA....I crack myself up sometimes!
Love, Aunti Tracy

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