Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some finds

Well the past few months since we've moved we have visited two parks. The one we used to go to, which is now 15-20 minutes away, or one that is about 8 minutes away. The closer one has a basketball hoop, and climbing structure, but no swings. The one farther away has swings but no basketball hoop. Well the other day we wanted to take the girls out to ride their bikes. Jerry thought we should just go to the church that was 1 mile away. So we did, and we found out they have a playground! It has swings AND a basketball hoop. The basketball hoop is important to Isabella who has taking a liking to basketball. But the other kids want to be able to swing. So a big win!

The other "find" was a game. We are reading a great Christian kids book series. In the recent book the two boys play Battleship. I told the girls how my sister and I played that when we were kids. Then a toy catalog came in and Isabella pointed out that they sold Battleship. I thought it would be a neat game for them, but we couldn't get it right now. Then it dawned on me. You can play Battleship on paper. We have graph paper. So I pulled out a few pieces and now Isabella and Moira want to play that each day!

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Angie said...

Cool Kerri!!!
I'm feeling alot better. Thanks for listening to me babble on for so long about my traumatic experience. You are a great friend. Ifyou still can't get to my xanga, i'll copy/paste to my ucmomma blogspot.

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