Friday, November 17, 2006

Great website

I had heard about this website on the MOMYS email list. I checked it out and have done some reading. It is a ministry for women. On the side bar on the home page is a link to free e-books. Click on it and they have like five books. One on restoring relationships, one on being a worker at home, another on homeschooling and one with restored marraiges testimonies. Check it out!

We had a busy day, and will continue to have a busy week. Little man was not a happy camper for half the day. I had some green onions the other day and that made his tummy upset. Poor little guy. Speaking of little.....Jedidiah has not been gaining weight. But a talk with my very smart and wonderful sister helped me to see what was going on with him. I don't want to try to write it all out. But sufice it to say I need to add more fat and protein to my diet. So I dropped out of the Biggest Loser contest. And for the record I was not doing anything unusual or extreme, just the same thing I did after my other four pregnancies. But because of his low birth weight and his need for extra fat the things I were doing were causing him to not have enough of the right fat and proteins. The good thing is that I will only need to up my fat intake for the next two months and then by then he will have his own fat stores to keep his body working like it should. He is doing great otherwise, just not gaining. Still happy as can be.

I did a bunch of cleaning today, but there is still a ton more! We are having a good friend of ours stay over tomorrow night. So I want to get most of it done before he gets here. Then we have a church fellowship on sunday and then Thanksgiving is on thursday.

Well not much else to write about. Need to go do some more cleaning, then I am hoping to read some more of those e-books. In the "Worker at Home" I skimmed the chapter on Toys and I plan on implementing her idea. I have heard about rotating bins of toys per month. Well hers is a bit more drastic. You sort each toy set into a bin of some sort. Then you put the bins in a closet and LOCK the door! Then each day you bring out ONE set for the WHOLE day for them to play with. This fosters creativity, and there is only one set for them to clean up! I LOVE IT!!! Now if I can only get organized enough to get their things into bins!

Have a great night.

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Tracy said...

WOW! What a great website! The books on it are what I have been looking for and to think that they are free! Thank you! Love you!

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