Saturday, October 01, 2011


Ok, I am really, really trying to tell myself over and over again that a Christian can not be cursed (disciplined, or put through trials, yes), but it's getting really hard to believe.  On a good note I feel much better than I did two days ago.  On a bad note, after two days of no throat or ear pain, it's back....and that's with me on an antibiotic.  So we have a couple of possibilities.  One is that the antibiotic is not working, two, I now have a viral infection on top of the bacterial infection (assuming it was bacterial, and I am since I had it for 6 weeks), OR third this is fungal in nature, which just means that the antibiotics will not only not work, but they will make things worse.  Ya gotta love that last option.  NOT!  It appears that my rash is the worse case scenario, and that will mean a LOT of work...a LOT.  I want to cry.  This rash is contagious and to ensure no one else succumbs I have to do all sorts of vacuuming....daily...and laundry (as if I don't have enough of that on a daily basis).  Since I was so ill I've started to at least treat it with some natural products, but will probably go get a prescription, because I really can't afford to go buy some more natural stuff, for it not to work, and head to the docs any ways.  Although it is said that this rash is resistant to the prescription stuff, so I may have to do all natural things.  Either way this will be a long battle, one I most certainly did not sign up for.  It's one of those situations of what do you do :first.  Oh, I know...cry :-)  Well things got even better today.  Oh, yes they did.  Don't believe me?  This is what went on:

Today is soccer day.  Not only soccer day, but also picture day.  I hate picture day.  It's when all the players have to get individual and team shots.  I have to say it was less stressful this time around as the timing worked out better, but I still hate the back and forth and trying to find everyone.  So we are about to dig into some really yummy food as we are watching Flannery's game.  Up walk the older two girls with a couple of their friends and a cat.  A stray cat.  It was thin, but otherwise looked in decent shape.  I told them to get rid of it.  Instead they decided to feed it.  From their hands.  Anyone want to guess what happened?  Hmmm, yeah, one of them got bit.  Not a scratch, but a puncture.  Now, some may know, as it isn't a secret on the blog that we do not vaccinate. However there are two vaccinations/shots that I would consider.  Tetanus, and rabies treatments.  If something happens here, on our 'farm' I don't worry about it too much as I know our animals and our land.  We just make sure we do lots of washing and keeping things clean.  But here we have a totally unknown animal, in unknown surroundings.  Ugh.  So I took this cat bitten child to urgent care, where she got a tetanus shot and a prescription for some antibiotics.  We should be receiving a call from animal control to talk about the cat.  We doubt very much that there is a scare for rabies, but it needs to be reported. 

People, this isn't even remotely funny anymore.  Someone stop the ride because I WANT OFF!!!!  I know a lot of these things, in the grand scheme of things are trivial.  They are.  But when you're in the middle of it all, it really doesn't seem that way. 

With all that is going on we have amazingly kept on track with schooling.  And we've managed to work our way into the last stages of the GAPS diet.  So there is progress.  But when I look around me, and realize I'm going to have to vacuum every square inch of the rugs and furniture, every day for like one or two weeks.  Well, if you saw the state of my house, you'd know why I feel like crying.  What do I do with all of the stuff?  Do I take care of that first, but risk others catching this?  Do I push it all aside, but worry that we can be reinfested?  Do I put it all in plastic bags (which will work, to kill things off, if they stay in the bag for 3 to 7 days....but what do we do if I end up needing some of it?).  The list goes on.  See?  I cry. 

On a positive note we've moved into the last stages of the GAPS diet.  We probably moved a bit too quickly, but my sickness kind of prompted that.  But I am going to say that our homemade salsa on our revised chicken salad tastes divine!!!  The boys gobble it up, onions/peppers/tomatoes and all.  They love it!  Well off to try to regain something of our evening.  The baby hasn't had a proper nap all day, so that is going to prove difficult.  Thankfully dinner is in the crockpot. 

OH WAIT!!!  Duh! One more blessing to share (see it's been a long day!), Jeremiah and I celebrate 17 years of marriage today.  Seventeen!  Wow!  The girls wanted to make us the key lime pie in the GAPS cookbook.  However I didn't manage to get the ingredients for it.  Bummer. 

A post script:  How entirely sad that when I went to do spell check that they flagged "marriage".

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