Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pictures with time for a real post

Some weeds right outstid our door.

I really want to try to get the hang of sun flares.  This is my second attempt.  I'm not really sure how other people do it.  I'll have to look into my spare time :-)

Just practicing trying to take pics of different objects at different angles.

Probably some photography no-no, but I really liked how the sun was streaming down right no her face.

Saoirse is usually very willing to get her photo taken.

Our rooster.

The past few days were beautiful!  In the upper 70's.

I made sure we got some outside play time in.

Lots of digging going on around here.

What is this goat up to?

Very silly indeed.  Face masks are not for eating.

When I came over to her, she was acting all innocent.

A new friend we made as we were making our way inside.

Some new digs for me :-)  The last time I bought a pair of everyday shoes was 8 years ago.  I find it very hard to get a pair of shoes that look decent and are comfortable.

Clog style shoes.  Dansko.  Wonderful.  But expensive!

Yesterday was going to be the last 'warm' day of the season (so it seems).  So we made for the park with our lunch.

Children all abuzz over the food.  They weren't the only ones.  After about 10 minutes the bees were buzzing!  So we finished our lunch in the van.

Chicken salad.  A great way for us to use up left over chicken that isn't enough for another meal (by itself).

A sprinkle of parmesan cheese is a must.

After we ate the kids ran for the playground.  I held back and had a photo shoot with my yarn.

My new work in progress. Saw this wonderful pattern on the Attic 24 site.  I needed to get the colors out in the sun.  I'm having a hard time seeing if the colors are working.

I'm not too fond of the yellow.  I really wanted the darker yellow, but they don't sell it at the store.  After using it I am getting used to it.  However, I really wanted a couple extra colors in there.  I'm not sure if they are going to work.

These are the original colors I was going with.  On the left is the beginning of the blanket.  After the red would be the blue you see on the left.      

On the right, you can sort of make out the dark purple I started to add in.  It seems to go with all the colors, but the yellow.  After the purple would be the blue, then white, and then start over from the beginning.  Just as I lined up the balls of yarn above.  But it seems the purple just kind of doesn't belong.  What do you all think?

While I was doing my yarn photo shoot, this is what the baby was doing.  He was sitting right next to me playing with my camera bag.

All the kids enjoyed the new area of the playground.

Climbing the 'rock'.

Jonah up next.

Isabella had a bit of a problem with this part of the the playground :-)

Jonah giving Moira a spin.

Flannery showing off.

Jed having a fun time navigating things.

I attempted to get a group shot of all the kids.  I'm looking to re-do my blog header. No such luck. It was *very* sunny out.  So I could only find shade or full sun.  Not the best.  Here was one attempt.

I really liked the location, but way too sunny. On top of it I over exposed the picture.  Alrighty, how about a third time?

No, too many shadows on the faces.  But I thought it would look cute with them on the "pods".  Oh, well, I'll have to try again later.

Isabella brought her journal along.  It seems to be her constant companion.

Flannery begged me to take a picture of them on the swings.

Pirate Jonah.

Big sis with little bro.

Aubrey loves the swing.

Sweet, sweet, footy goodness :-) I love baby feet.

Today was totally different!  This was what it looked like out back.

Sweaters, jackets, socks and blankets!  (Oh, my)

Now that's the way to warm up!


Bethany in mid-MO said...

You have such and eye for photos! I enjoy looking at them and watching your family grow!


Kerri said...

Ah, thank you Bethany for that kind comment! I appreciate it. It has been my goal to get better at photography. It is slow going. But to be expected. It is a balance between the idea that my kids are only young once, so enjoy it, but also they *are* only young once, so try to capture some of it in pictures!


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