Monday, October 24, 2011

The fair, and other stuff

First my update on Saoirse.  Her issue?  She was the first to come down with the croup. 
Along with the hacking cough also came a headache and dizziness.  No biggie, she's sick, it's to be expected.  However, three weeks later, the cough gone, she is still feeling dizzy and has been having daily headaches (unknown to me).  She's not dizzy all the time, nor are the headaches there all the time, but certainly to be having them for three weeks is a bit much.  We were thinking it was an inner ear problem.  I was thinking that up until last night when she told me she had a headache.  Then she said she's been having headaches ever since the dizziness started.  Well, that pretty much threw me for a loop.  Now what?  So we decided to first take her to the chiropractor.  Since this came on at the same time as her illness I was assuming it may have been related to it.  However, we've had too many 'coincidences' of late and I wanted to make sure we covered our bases.  But no need for anything more invasive or extensive if she just needed an adjustment. 

We were able to get an appointment for this morning.  Turns out her head wasn't screwed on right :-)  In other words, she was waaaayyy out of alignment.  With the adjustment the chiropractor said she immediately felt her head get warm (a sign that blood was flowing in) and the swollen lymph node on the back of her head was almost gone after a few minutes.  We think at this time that it was being out of alignment that contributed to her dizziness and headaches.  We are to take her back at the end of the week to have her adjusted one more time.  We are to keep track of her dizziness and headaches to make sure they are getting better.  If not, then we take a different step.  Until then, we wait and see.

I finally was able to upload some of the photos from the state fair we went to last week.  It was very windy and cold!  By the time we were leaving the wind died down.  Figures.  But we all had fun.  We were all worn out by the time we got home.

After looking at all the animals we took a lunch break.  I wish I could say that I packed us a GAPS lunch.  Not so.  I wish I did, as Moira got very ill later that night!  This is the one time we have all cheated.  Not bad for being on the diet for two months. 

Besides food and ride tickets we made one other purchase, an iron triangle.  Let's just say that yelling (screaming) out back to get everyone inside was growing old.  We plan on hanging this up at our back door.  This should also  take care of the, "I didn't hear you." claim :-)

Aubrey was quite fascinated with the thing.

He confirms that it is indeed loud!

Jed was waiting for the rest of us to get done eating.

Food on the go.

There was LOTS to see for this little guy.

Flannery and Saoirse were blessed with a free sample.  It's a clay frog.

Pretty cute.

Flannery counting out her change to see if she has enough money for a trinket.

Moira up on the Farris wheel.  I can assure you I did NOT take this picture.  Jeremiah and the older three girls went up.  You couldn't pay me to get on that  thing.  They were all scared at some point as it was so windy the whole thing was shaking.

Flannery on the death, er I mean, farris wheel.

Isabella on said wheel.

The rest of us, who were not on the wheel :-)  I was trying to get Jed to follow my finger up to see everyone on the farris wheel.  He still has a hard time with directions (spacial).  He finally got it, but it took quite a while.

Isabella just hanging out.  We were waiting for Jeremiah to get back with the ride tickets.

See, everyone was tired by the end of the day :-)  Isabella walked around with him like this a long time.


Anna-Rebekah said...

I love seeing your photos... but they're all squished!

Maybe you could reduce their size, or else adjust the resolution on your blog (hit "adjust widths" in the "Template designer" under the "Design" category).

Hope that your family will be feeling better soon!


Kerri said...

Thank you for letting me know! I was hoping it was just my computer, but I had doubts. On my computer some look squished, but mostly they look blurry. I'm going to attempt to do what you suggested. All I can say is, "Cover me, I'm going in." Ha, ha!!! Computers and I have never gotten along. We shall see what happens :-)


Anna-Rebekah said...

I love your blogs new look - all your pictures are great : ).


Kerri said...

Well, the all white background was the 'clean' look I was going for, but Jeremiah kept asking me when I was going to 'fix' my blog. I never got around to 'fixing' it, so he took it into his hands to see that my white blog got fixed :-) So now, as you can see, my blog has color! But I am very glad that my pictures have room to spread out now. Thank you for giving me that push I needed to do that.


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