Sunday, October 23, 2011

A little outside time

I was able to get outside for a bit. It's been a while since we've had a but if reprieve from people being sick. Although Saoirse has been a bit 'off'. I won't go into it right now. I'm not sure I can deal with any more issues. Hopefully in a day or so we will see where she stands. Don't worry, she's not feverish, or sick. She's just been dealing with some odd issues lately. Please do pray for her though. And for me for that matter. This mommy's heart can only take so much. I'm going to see if we can get her into the chiropractor to see if she can help us out. I'll write later about it. For now I am just plain tired out. I was able to get outside with some of the the kiddos. The goats had gotten in our garden area. To get them out we lured them out with some pepper plants. The funny thing is that there were peppers still growing on them! Here are a few pictures below that I took today. I have a bunch of others that I want to share, but they will have to wait as I am having trouble with Blogger.

Three green peppers picked today from our garden.

They were small ones.  Small or not, they will taste good in my egg omelet :-)

This little cutie had a blast in the swing.  Its really hard to pin point, but Aubrey seems to act older than he is.

His smile can really melt my heart.

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