Monday, October 31, 2011

Yummy breakfast

Let's start with last night, first.  We had a bon fire, as seems to be a custom of ours when the weather turns colder. We had a couple of families over and it turned out to be a wonderful night.  The girls wanted to dress up, as we are not partaking in halloween.  That was fine by us, as there is no harm in playing dress up.  We made some healthy candy apples, some hot cider and a wee bit illegal hot cocoa drink (no cocoa is allowed on the GAPS, but we did make it with homemade almond milk :-)).  The apples didn't turn out too great as we didn't allow enough time for the caramel to cool properly.  They still tasted yummy. 

This morning it was time to think what we would have for breakfast.  Eggs?  Ugh.  Smoothie?  That was a favorite choice, but no frozen bananas around.  Hmmmm.  An almond muffin creation?  Nah.  How about cake?  Yes!  There was a white bean vanilla cake recipe that I was hoping we could use for our birthday celebrations.  I thought about waiting till Aubrey's birthday to use it.  But then I thought, what happens if it tastes bad?  So I made up one trial cake.  It is not like a box cake, obviously, as it's made with white beans.  But we've been on the GAPS diet now for two months, and this was a wonderful treat.  I used less honey, as we were eating it for breakfast.  But everyone thought that that it didn't need any more honey, they liked it just the way it was.  Everyone wanted seconds!  But we didn't have any.  We only got one piece each.  Go HERE for the recipe.  I made up some strawberry topping, and we had a bit of our caramel sauce left over from last night that we drizzled on top.  It was a winner.

Homeschooling.  I had some thoughts on that today.  Some good, some sad.  I've been a bit consumed lately with other things on my mind, as so I haven't put much thought into our schooling.  I really do need to read the whole Charlotte Mason series.  I will make it apart of 'my curriculum' :-)  Anyways, there are some wonderful blogs out there that others journal about their experiences with Mason's philosophy of education.  Wow, I have so much to learn.  And here was the sad part...I really wish I had come accross this philosophy before we started homeschooling.  I know I can't turn back the hands of time.  I just think about all there is to learn about this schooling philosophy, and how short our time is left with Isabella's home education.  Only four more years!  I need to dig in!  Plus I realized that when I start teaching Aubrey the basics, Isabella will have graduated!!!  Oh. My. Goodness.  The good news is that I am glad I found this philosophy at all, and that we *all* will benefit us.  I am praying that Isabella will be able to take what she has learned and apply it to all her life.  Speaking of which we are needing to make some big changes in how we do life.  Yes, I've talked about this before, and we have implemented a few things here and there.  But every day it is more evident how far off the path we are. 

Off to life.  Errands to run, food to make, school to do, outside time to partake.

Isabella on the prairie.

Isabella better watch out for the Indians.

Cake time!  Nothing like being able to eat cake for breakfast :-)

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