Monday, December 30, 2013

Oh. My. Goodness.

I really am about to fall flat on my face, but I am waiting on something that I need to do, so I decided to get this up.  This would be a heartfelt plea for prayers!  It has been a very difficult couple days here, and though the really big stuff seems to be over, all the other stuff is still very much 'living in the fast lane'.  Sigh.

So I think I mentioned that everyone was getting sick...again. Supposedly our family can never be too sick.  Though, and this would be a post on its own, there may be a very good reason for it.  The short of it would be that it could be due to a gene mutation, but it would take me way too long to explain.  My sister was recently tested for this mutation because of her skin issues and it came back that she has this mutation.  The good news is that there are some supplements that will help, though they are not an over night fix.  I am sooooo extremely happy for her that she is finally getting to the bottom of her skin issues that she has suffered with for basically all her life!  Again, I'll write more on that later as it is important for others to know about.  BUT in the mean time, we remain sick.

A friend of mine told me that everyone she knew who had the 'cough thing' were going through a remission of sorts.  Mild, just the coughing coming back, sometimes the loss of their voice.  No biggie.  But us?  Why make it easy?  No, we are getting some FULL BLOWN illness that in ways is worse than what we had the first time around!  Flu like symptoms: fever, body aches, very swollen throats, coughing, swollen sinuses or non stop running noses, and a lovely case of pink eye to boot.  Poor Moira's throat.  That is her weak spot, and the swelling is extreme.  I am having to keep her on round the clock Motrin/Tylenol every 3 hours (rotating each one every three hours).  Through the night.  That means little sleep for me.  I am soooo praying I do not get this, I am doing all of my routine I wrote about the other day and so far so good.  Except that I am afraid that the lack of sleep and the huge stress of today may come back to 'bite'.

The big, bad, ugly I mentioned above and stress?  That would have been an appendicitis scare from Isabella.  The poor girl.  Thankfully it turned out to not be appendicitis.  The bad news is that this could keep happening each month, and that is just not going to be possible since her pain levels were totally through the roof.  So with the band-aid of some prescription meds, the new supplement coming in any day now, AND a mandatory, at all costs, she HAS to be put back on the GAPS diet, we are hoping that we will get her through this and she will be able to 'pull the band-aid off' in a few months.

So that big thing is behind us, now I still need to see everyone else through this round of illness.  Flannery is mostly over it, Aubrey had a mild case (though he was sneezing a lot today, and getting red eyes), Moira is really bad off, Saoirse just started coming down with the sore throat and pink eye this evening, Jeremiah is getting slammed with all of the throat swelling and red eyes as of this evening as well, Isabella had the sore throat a few days ago but currently has a low grade fever and tummy yuckiness.  Jed is still in the clear as am I.  Flannery started this first, and that was the day after Christmas, so we are not looking at a quick recovery period. Her voice is still not back completely, and she is still feeling run down (mostly come evening time).

Please pray that no one will have any complications from any of this.  I really can't stand the thought of any more doctors visits!  Not just for the idea of getting them there due to the fact they are that sick to need to see a doctor, but also for what they might possibly come home with!!!!  Pray for the symptoms to ease on my really sick ones.  Pray that I will be able to get rest, and keep my health and strength.  And pray that I will live my days walking in love.  I get very worried when my kids get sick, and the stress takes its toll in non loving ways :-(  This does not help anyone!  

Thank you!!


Sarah Faith said...

I'm so sorry. What a lot of stress when you are trying to get ready for the last stretch/home run of your pregnancy. Prayers for strength and health. I know the helpless feeling you must be experiencing.

The Southern Peach-Girls said...

Thank you Sarah!! I try to keep reminding myself that the Lord is in control, but I don't always win in that area. Thank you for your prayers, they are very much appreciated.


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