Monday, December 02, 2013

Getting Ready for the Ball

Although most of us are ill, there are still plans and preparations for the up and coming ball!  Jeremiah and the two older girls had taken a (homeschool) ballroom dancing class this fall.  And in a matter of days is the Christmas Ball.  To say that the girls (Moira in particular) are excited is an understatement.  We still need to find gloves for them this week, but that is all that is needed before the big day.  And I have to say I really wish I had know about thrift stores back when I was a teen...the money that could have been saved on prom dresses!!!  Both Isabella and Moira got their gowns at the local thrift store, as it seems to be a good place to hand off bridesmaid dresses :-)  And they were cheap!  Like $6 dollars!

We'll have an 'official' photo shoot come the day of the ball, but here is a sneak peak.  Moira wanted to figure out, before the ball, what to do with her hair.  So she watched a bunch of youtube tutorials and we ended up deciding on something very simple.  Here she is!

 She wants to add some ribbons in her hair, and we weren't sure which color to go with.  Here is the gold.

 Here is the red.

 Here are both :-P  I think she wants to go with the gold.

 Her gown, very beautiful.  I have to do a bit of modifications to both girls' dresses.  They have a dress code, and as such their dresses need to be brought up to specs.  Thankfully they will be minor adjustments.

We even did her makeup, so she could get the full effect.  I may just be biased, but I think she looks wonderfully beautiful!  :-)

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