Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mr. Spotty, beam me up :-)

Here is our little Mr. Spotty.  Thankfully he is doing better overall today than yesterday.  I totally get his immune system has taken a huge hit from being bombarded by 4 illnesses in two weeks (cold, bladder infection, what I believe is fifth's disease, and the flu), but having his third round of fevers in 10 days, was a bit much for him (or me!) to handle.  Not to mention that this second fever started out low, but got up to 103.7 last night.  On top of that he was itchy all over.  I kept totally on top of pain/fever meds every three hours, and benadryl every 4 hours all night last night.  No need to set an alarm as the poor boy had totally fitful sleep!!  He finally fell asleep around 4:30 and woke up at 8 AM.  Ugh.

So here is our spotty guy. The lighting makes today's pictures look like he is better.  His cheeks are not as red as yesterday, but the spots all over are the same intensity, they just kind of molded together more.

 This was yesterday.

 Yesterday as well.  Excuse his messy face, I snapped this while he was eating.  Today his cheeks are not as red, and there is no redness on his forehead like above.

 Really bad picture of his rash all over, but you the best of his cheeks.

 The middle of his trunk is just as spotty as near his neck and belly, but it is all washed out.

 Mr. Spotty legs.  The rash covers everything except his scalp and palms and soles.  The first day it appears like the rash is raised, but it really wasn't.

You can sort of see the "lacy-ness" of the rash on his forearm.  Though right around his elbow and knees all the spots have come together into one red area.

I suppose time will tell.  As far as I know the other two boys have not had fifth's disease.  I do not believe that Flannery and Saoirse have either.  The only other known child to have had this was Isabella.  Moira was not only exposed to the little boy that passed it on to Isabella, but she had exposure to Isabella the whole time as well, but she never came down with symptoms.  The thing is some 20% of people who come down with fifth's disease are symptom free!

But, I also know that there are some 100+ viruses that come with rashes.  Yup, ask me how I know!  Isabella was our queen of fevers and rashes!  As a first time mom I took her in for every one of them until our doctor had a little talk with me about fevers and rashes :-)  Nice guy, he could have made a killing off of Isabella alone had I kept bringing her in for every fever and rash :-)

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