Monday, December 09, 2013

Are You Serious?

Ok, to say I'm about to go bonkers would be an understatement.  If I wasn't living it, I would think it crazy!  It has been a little over 3 solid weeks of illness.  And not just one, or even two illnesses, we are talking a possible 5th one today!  What. In. The. World!

We started with what I am calling, "the cold".  The normal run of the mill yuckiness, with a cough.  Then we had Aubrey's burn, which he happened to be coming down with the cold on that same day.  Then days later he spikes a high fever, where I suspect a bladder infection. By now I am pretty sure he did indeed have a bladder infection, after speaking with my sister, who believes he may have been holding in his urine for fear of pain (due to where his burn was).  A round of antibiotics makes a *huge* wonderful difference, and I get my little boy back....but not before Flannery shows up with a fever.  She and Jeremiah are the first to come down with what we believe is the Influenza B virus.  Friends of ours, who we have been hanging out with a lot recently,. came down with all the same symptoms, within days of us. They were tested, and they had Influenza B.  So it is safe to say we have that as well.  Thankfully Influenza B is the mild version of the flu, though I would hazard to say not as far as the whopping headache it comes with.

Well, after being fever free for a couple of days Aubrey comes down with a low grade fever, with increase of runny nose.  Jonah comes down with a low grade the same day, but along with his other siblings (before and after him) he has the whopping headache.  Aubrey has no headache.  I was, at the time, naively being thankful that he was escaping the headache part.  Yeah, you know where this is going right?  Finally, the last of the girls come down with the flu, which means they had to miss their ball.  Not fun stuff.  So come Sunday, besides the two older girls feeling fatigued, we are all well. FINALLY, I oh so briefly think.

I knew that I still had the possibility of the flu, as I have yet to come down with it. But, as for all the rest of the family, we were finally free of illness.  Yup, that lasted but 6 hours, until Aubrey started complaining that he felt cold, and his head hurt.  WHAT!?!  Low grade fever, whopping headache= flu.  But, but, I thought he just had that a few days ago?  What in the world?

Well, what in the world I believe happens to be....drum roll please....fifth's disease, or slap cheek syndrome.  It's a common childhood illness which presents itself with very, very red cheeks and an over all body rash.   Yup, that is how Aubrey woke up this morning, covered in a rash.  I did suspect a reaction to his antibiotic, except that it isn't penicillin (though that doesn't mean much, but the likely hood is lessened), and that explains the low grade fever with increase runny nose the 4 days before.  Go Aubrey, you get the flu and fifth's disease.  Insert rolling eyes!!!

And,...and, if that wasn't bad enough, Isabella woke up with a very swollen eye that is weeping non stop, and feels like she's been kicked by a horse (her words, who would have guessed? :-)), and feeling weak all over.  You. Can't. Be. Serious.  I am thinking there is some sick cosmic joke being played on us or something!  We've been 'really' sick in the past, where it seems we get over one thing and we come down with something else.  But we aren't even getting over what we have before we are getting the 'something' else part!  Can I cry now?

My only consolation, and it is a LONG shot....we are getting all of the sickness out of the way BEFORE baby comes.  And, no, don't tell me otherwise.  Let me live in my little dream world on that one :-)

I do ask any who are willing to pray for our family.  One special prayer, on top of the above is that I've been tested, in the past, for fifth's disease, and supposedly I haven't had it yet in my life.  I do say supposedly because you can test positive to something, but still come down with it, or test negative to a germ, and have an immunity to it.  Don't ask, I'm just relating what I've read.  Anyways, with being so far along in my pregnancy I don't think there will be any harm, BUT the potential is there that if I get the fifth's disease that the growing baby can come down with this anemia, or blood problem in utero.  That would entail multiple ultrasounds to keep an eye on the baby.  But, at present I will be 34 weeks on Wednesday, so I don't know the likely hood of that happening, and if it did, with being so close to the end if it would make a difference.  But obviously I want the baby to be well and safe, so do pray.

We were supposed to hope back into all of our regularly scheduled 'programs' today (school, chores, horses).  I think some school for some children will be in order, but not for all.  I have to say Isabella has to be pretty bad off to not go to horses, and she has missed 4 days so far!

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