Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Baby days

NO BABY yet!!  Still too soon.  And no worries, all internet is off limits to kiddos.  But it was hard for me to reckon with the fact that this baby is number 8 and along with that comes the guilt of time, more specifically the lack there of.  Especially with this pregnancy, where the physical toll of imbalances has continued.  Then there are 7 other kiddos to pay attention to, and the food, clothing, and schooling that goes into all of them :-)  And if that were not enough there was, and still at times if I am being honest, the utter fear of the impending labor.  Yes, I spent the whole pregnancy worried about one single day of this pregnancy!

With all of that I didn't want these last few weeks to slip by "unnoticed", or there be a lack of journaling.  This baby is very much wanted and loved and I feel I have slacked off in rejoicing in this wonderful gift the Lord is giving us.  So, when I have the time,I want to make sure I put up a few things in regards to this pregnancy and what I am doing to prepare for this wee one.  BUT, I will not be on any other blogs, or such...just here in this space.

The past few days have been very full emotionally speaking.  Telling the girls our plans went over well, with all but one.  And the one that it didn't go over well, really did not go over well!  But we expected that.  The good news is that the Lord went ahead of us and had a situation prepared that can only help us in our plans!  It is pretty amazing really.  A story I hope I can share when time is right.

For now we are preparing for Christmas and really trying to focus on being together as a family.  And in the middle of all of that preparing for the baby's arrival.  But also focusing on everyone's attitudes (which includes the adults as well) as we go along, making sure that love prevails.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that this is very exhausting!  But I know it will be well worth it.

Anyways, enough rambling!  I have a few pictures of our preparations for baby.  Oh, and a real treat?  Some friends of mine are giving me a baby shower!!!  Who would have thought!  I am very excited for the fun of that event!

Preparing to make a garlic infused coconut oil.  As a precautionary against Beta-strep, I use herbal methods to kill anything off that may not be beneficial for the arrival of baby.  I have a list of things I am going to do or take to boost my immune system.  I will share that list in another post.

 Saoirse and Flannery were BIG helpers today.  I mean for real!  Saoirse was helping with the wheat grinding, and as we were running out of places to put things, she took it upon herself to label the different stages of grinding, and the transferring  of goods from one location to another.

Lots of flour mess!  I have had my blender for 9 months now, and it never crossed my mind to run my milled flour through it.  My grinder does not give a fine flour, it has always been on the grainy side.  I suppose after 7 years we have just gotten used to it.  After I attempted to make some oat flour in my food processor, and failing miserably, I got the notion of using my blender.  Magic!  True oat flour.  A few weeks later and the thought finally occurs to me to try the blender with my wheat.

 Hey, here is an 'after' picture of my room :-)  Granted my dresser is still covered, BUT at least it is supposed to covered by these things!  As opposed to the 'junk' that was there before.  Those boxes and the plastic bag are filled with all of our birthing supplies.  I have a small pack of diapers, towels, and receiving blankets.  The blue binder is for any needed homeopathy remedies.  I will have remedy bottles, and my kit out when I go into labor.  But, as I learned in the past, those things can not be left out in advance, or little boys get into them!

The baby car seat all cleaned up, just waiting for the cover to dry to put it all back together.  I left the scale out, a wee little insurance in case there is any doubt in the baby gaining weight those first few weeks.  All the way to the right, you can see a bag of clothing on top of a rubber-maid tub.  The bag has newborn BOY clothing, and the tub has the newborn GIRL clothing in it.  I washed all of the neutral newborn things that will be used from the get go regardless of gender.

 So we finally got around to those remaining bags of food that were in my 'before' picture.  Granted they need to find a more permanent residence, besides our mess of a bathroom.  Our bathroom has been in this transition phase for over a year now.  One day, one day.

 The bathtub is still unusable.  But, that is ok, as I will be using my birth pool for relaxation and pain relief.

 See!  A wide open space in my bedroom!  This is where the birth pool will go when the time comes.

Sorry, pictures did not load properly.  Though I will be able to use the toilet and sink of our bathroom, I will not be able to use the shower.  I will say, having to walk the length of the house immediately post partum to wash up is not a pleasant thought.  But I will be thankful we do have a shower in the house, and that normally I am just spoiled that it is right off my bedroom!

 See, this is the 'bottom' of the shower.  The shower liner was torn out long ago.  Every once in a while I get a huge surprise when I walk into my bathroom and find a cat in there!  They sneak up from under that blanket.  But with those boards, and a few other measures that hasn't happened in a while.

 Another view of our room, with that clean open space.  The two boys sleep on that twin mattress on the floor.  We really need to work on getting them into their own room.  They have a room, they just don't sleep in it!

 Baby clothing all washed!  Believe it or not these were given to me by my sister, when Flannery was on her way!  Except for the hats....I have a bunch of hats that are miscellaneous.

And to conclude our little 'tour' of baby preparations, let us leave off with the still current baby of the family :-)  Aubrey, all conked out for a nap.

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