Friday, December 20, 2013

Another break?

Blog break, that is!  Yes, it seems I've had a few of those this year.  They are good things.  There are times when things just need to get done, or things need to have more attention paid to them than the computer :-)  

I have to say I am a bit bummed at the timing, but life is like that right?  This break will be a bit different.  Sometimes I am able to get on here or there for just a wee minute to do something needed, but this time?  Although all the plans have not been worked out as of yet, I can say there will be no actual computer access here at home.  

I don't think I can go into details as of yet, as again, not enough plans in place to feel comfortable doing so....but I will say it has been no mystery that we have one child in particular which has more than the normal childhood issues to deal with.  We are definitely short in the 'time' area regarding this child, so drastic measurements need to be taken right now.  I am praying that when I come back I will have a good report to share.  In the mean time I do ask for any who are willing to pray for our family.  Please pray for wisdom from the Lord, peace, patience and LOVE to abound.  Also pray for our determination to follow through, and to devote the needed time and energy in all the different aspects this journey will hold for us.  This is going to be hard.  Very, very hard on all of us.  

I've known for a LONG time we needed to take drastic measures, but there were always excuses.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I sat here doing nothing.  But any steps we did take were a drop in the bucket to say the least.  I am very thankful to my sister who has pretty much offered to help us overcome any of the 'obstacles' in our path!!  Please pray for her and her family as well, not for only of her healing journey that continues, but for blessings on top for their love and willingness to sacrifice their resources and time on our behalf!

I will definitely make sure that the new baby's arrival makes it here though!  I will make a way for that event in particular to make it up here. After all, there are many of you who have been praying for this baby and to not share his/her arrival would be cruel :-)  I really do not know what time frame we are talking about here.  In the past I have left that date 'open' as well, but this time is definitely different so not sure of even a ball park figure.  But it is time to do all we can, as parents (we know that God is in control of all!), to change things around.

God bless you all!  Have a wonderful Christmas and I pray you all have wonderful starts to the new year!!

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