Sunday, May 26, 2013

Up coming pregnancy updates and information

It seems that life happens faster than I can write about it! I'll give a bit of a summary in a bit. First I want to say that I plan on trying to make pregnancy updates, along with pregnancy and post partum information. Each Wednesday I turn a new week, so I thought I would take the opportunity then to share what I've learned, or am continuing to learn during this pregnancy. I will probably have links to other people's posts as well.

A case in point, my first post is going to be on making your own pregnancy tea. I had all my herbs out on my table ready to make into a tea. I had planned on photographing things as well. However, two things, we were trying to get things done so we could have a family outing and I didn't have time for photos; and as I went online to see if maybe there is a better tea, or some other herbs to add or subtract, there was a lovely blog that had the exact tea I was going to post! The amazing part? Her blog is so much nicer than mine :-) So, I will write about my tea, but link to her blog, where she has all the health benefits of each herb used in the tea.

I guess I would like to see if a whole foods diet will make a difference with this pregnancy. This may be my 8th pregnancy, but there is always something new to learn with each one! Not to mention that our diet has changed from past pregnancies. And, I am hoping to give a little bit a reassurance for those who are pregnant and may not be spring chickens anymore :-) When this baby is born I will be forty-two years old. In the medical books that would mean I am ancient! A few years ago when I had an ultrasound, while pregnant with Jonah, I was only 37 at the time. I was about to strangle the doctor if he brought up my "advanced maternal" age one more time during my appointment! I can only imagine how much worse it would be now, after 40.

As for life being busy? Well, I have a host of pictures I took at the park and arboretum last week. Two days trekking into the city has worn me out. I tried to make the most of it, so we took advantage of going to the park and flower gardens. In between we had the normal things and the girls going off to horse stuff. This coming week is proving busy as well. We plan on spending Memorial Day at a community picnic that a past church of ours puts on. It always proves to be a wonderful day. Then the oldest two girls have the informational meeting for the runners camp that they volunteer for that takes place in the summer.

On top of that I had a very disheartening phone call from a friend. After introducing me to the Charlotte Mason method, and being a mentor of sorts these past 4 years, she told me she was putting her eldest in public school next year. Her oldest is the same age as our oldest. It really shook me up. I started writing a post on it, but never got to finishing it. I may or may not at some point.
And on top of all that...I find myself sick. Sick? Really? I already alluded to the fact that I know my gut is still way off. This was evident before getting pregnant, but now, with those raging hormones even MORE so!! Pregnancy hormones tend to make any yeast related issues worse. An increase in my probiotic has seen a noticeable difference, but I have a long ways to go. I'm trying to put together an action plan and will let you know what I come up with. I can not re-do intro, as it is not suggested while pregnant.

At first I thought this illness was a result of an increase in my allergies. If my sinuses get "wet", from crying or a runny nose from allergies, you can be sure to find me with an "infection" just a day or so later. Of course, this is really not an infection (though I've had some that eventually do turn into a true infection), but a fungal attack (aka: yeast). However, I feel yucky all over. Very tired, sick eye feeling (anyone else get that?), etc. For now I am trying a homeopathic remedy and drinking a bunch of immune boosting tea.

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