Friday, May 24, 2013

Riddle answered

I had a few brave souls answer my riddle below :-)  All those who answered were correct!  We are expecting blessing number 8 come January.  With some of our hottish days we've had here January seems light years away.  This baby will break our ongoing seasonal pattern.  We've had babies in the following order:  summer, summer, winter, spring, summer, summer, winter.  But no spring this time :-)  Hmmm, I am wondering what other patterns this one will break?  Four girls in a row, will this make four boys in a row?  All my girly babes were born on even days, and my boy babes were all born on odd numbered days.  Let's just hope that this one will NOT break any weight records!  (Neither too small, nor too big.  By golly all my 8 pounders--all at 8 pounds even, were very difficult deliveries.) 

This was very exciting news here at home!  The girls are all rooting for a girl, and the boys, well....they just kind of look at me funny when I talk about it :-)  Actually, Jonah is most interested in how big the baby is at the given moment.  And he has some opinions on what the baby's name should be.  So far he's suggested: Spiderman and Fire Truck.  I think we'll leave the baby naming up to Dad and Mom :-) 

I'm still very early along.  I've been applying magnesium oil daily in hopes of avoiding the dreaded day and night nausea that I've had with all 7 pregnancies.  You are supposed to start taking the magnesium before you become pregnant to be effective, and I only started about a week ago.  Well, I am hoping some will be better than none! 

We've had a few very busy days over here.  I have a lot to catch up on. I am hoping to get the dishes back under control and really make an effort at having meals prepped in advanced.  I have to say the most difficult part of GAPS is the food prep.  Without having things thawed out in advance, or a clear plan, things get a wee bit crazy come meal time!  Hopefully it will only take a day or two this long weekend to catch up.

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