Thursday, May 09, 2013

My sister's interview with the NRA

Today I am sharing the below video.  This is the interview that the NRA did with my sister.  MY sister!  To say that I am proud of the wondeful job she and her family did in explaining their journey to bearing arms, is an understatement.  PLEASE, I am sharing this with many people, AND this is MY whether you believe in gun rights or not, be kind in the comments.

And for those that are viewing this from the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop, and may be wondering what this has to do with that topic...let me say two words...Raw Milk.  Ha, ha.  My daughter who was looking over my shoulder said, "What?!?"  What does raw milk have to do with gun control?  Simple.  Their status, with most states of being illegal or dangerous, interfers with what most of us believe, that it is our right, per the constittion, that we have access to these helpful items.  Day by day our freedom to protect our families and our freedom to feed our families the way we see fit are being taken from us.

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video, and thank you for watching!

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