Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge

This is a must share!!!  I came across this blog that is having a challenge with the above title.  I have just read the introductory post for the challenge and I am already beyond excited.  Please go here to see what this challenge is about:

Our Simple Farm

This is an answer to prayer.  Over the last few weeks I have been a bit dismayed at my lack of diligence in the area of self sufficiency and prepping.  It seems like there are just too many things vying for my attention, and I lose sight of which ones should be a priority.  It's easy to let gardening, and food preservation get pushed to the bottom of my list.  After all, right now, at this moment, if I really need something I can just run out to the store. 

One of our goals for our family is to become self sufficient.  Which is why the site of those baby chicks was so exciting (the surprise ones we had the other day).  Again, it's easy to run out to TSC, when they have their chick days and pick up a bunch.  Should that not be possible, then we would eventually run out of eggs.   Chickens are good egg producers only in their first two years, after that their production drastically decreases. 

I had just sat down this afternoon and wrote out a few things that I needed to do this week.  I also started my grocery list.  That got me thinking...when was the last time I canned any meat?  All of my lovely jars of home preserved meat has been used up.  I have dehydrated a few things over the last couple of months, but not nearly what I *COULD* be doing.  So I wrote out a little goal for myself in this area.  I would like to can one package of each meat type we buy on pay day.  I also want to dehydrate something each week.  Even if it's only one bag of veggies.  Like a lot of things in life, it's the little baby steps that we take that add up over time.

So imagine my delight to come across this blog with this challenge!  It sounds like there will be a lot of planning/work to be done, but sitting here *wishing* or *dreaming* about having food layed aside won't make it happen!  Not to mention that after we had our planting day a couple of weeks ago, not much else has been done.  That really needs to change.  I'm not sure how it will change, but it needs to.  The biggest obstacle is....boys.  Three young boys running around, that need supervision.  Somehow we will need a way to keep them safe :-) 

I suppose more prayer will be needed to figure out a way to make this work.  Let me know if you visit the blog, and if you're joining in the challenge as well.

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