Saturday, August 04, 2012

Where did my Jonah go?

Ah, Jonah.  Obviously all my children have their own personalities that make them unique.  But some personalities are stronger than others, or louder, or more rambunctious...etc.  One child's personality stood out due to the fact she was so quiet.  Each of my children have certain things they do that make them, them :-)  So back to Jonah.  I'll give you the short of it since I can really draw things out!  One of the first thoughts I had of Jonah as he was placed on my tummy after he was born was, "I just gave birth to a line backer".  No joke.  He was face down on my tummy.  His shoulders were....thick.  Thick pretty much sums up Jonah.  I really thought he was at least 9 pounds.  To this day I wonder if the scales were off.  He only weighed 8 pounds even.  Not only was he thick but he was very long.  I assumed he would thin out as he grew.  He never did.  Even when he learned to walk and most toddlers thin out from all that new movement...nope.  I figured once he was around 3 or so when they get to that preschool age and move out of that babyish look...nope.  Jonah has always been thick. 

Food.  Jonah and food.  Oh my.  This child has loved food.  He pretty much would eat anything.  I found it quite odd that he insisted trying to eat salad when he was only about a year old.  It took him a while before he was able to manage it, but he loved salad! I mean, how many kids you know would chow down on salad?  Jonah loved all foods...a lot.  I have always said that Jonah's future wife will have it easy, as long as she knows how to cook.  Really!  Sometimes I secretly worried about his love of foo :-)

This past month Jonah turned four.  Nothing unusual about that.  Jonah has been Jonah since the day he was born.  But....but then it happened.  The one stage that most kids go through that I never thought possible for Jonah to hit. Most of my kids have gone through a picky eating stage.  I was pretty much convinced I would never have to go through that with Jonah.  I mean 'Jonah' and 'food' just go together.  Food describes Jonah.  And so a couple of weeks ago, after he just turned four, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Jonah declare, "No, I don't like this."  He was referring to a food that we have always eaten, that *he* has *always* eaten.  I really thought he was joking, but he wasn't.  I told him I didn't buy it, since he always ate this.  But I was even more shocked when it happened at the next meal and a meal or two after that, and has pretty much happened multiple times a day.  Jonah, not like food?  Who took my Jonah?  On top of that, this once thick boy isn't looking so thick.  The combination of a growth spurt (he is shooting up like a bean stalk!) and his now limited food palate has given us a new to us Jonah.  I really can't help but stare at him as this always thick Jonah is becoming more slim.  Please understand I am not talking about him losing weight!  He's just going through that growth spurt that most kids do much earlier. 

I sat on his bed staring at my sleeping Jonah.  He has changed so much in the past few weeks.  Not only in his eating, and growth but how he is talking and dealing with life.  I really don't recall any of my children making so many of these changes all at once!  I dare say he is becoming a boy.  I know he's a boy in the male sense, but I am talking about how is no longer a baby, a toddler or even preschooler...he's turning into a boy.  It's amazing. 

As amazing as this all it, I still want to know:

Where did my Jonah go?

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