Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Tea Party....for boys?

First thing first.....our boys are all boy :-)  Lots of trucks, blocks, tools and rough housing.  As you know we have been very excited over all of the cognitive leaps that Jedidiah has made this past year.  That kiddo never ceases to amaze me.  The other day he came up to me with the wee little library book.  It's a tiny little itty bitty magazine for toddlers.  He wanted me to read it.  Seriously it only takes 3 minutes to read the whole thing, and that includes stopping and talking about the pictures.  In this issue there was a story a little girl and her daddy making breakfast in bed for the mommy.  They put food on a tray, some of which resembled tea party items.  The little girl also made a card for the mommy.  Jedidiah asked if we could have a tea party, like the one in the book.  Really?  This would be a new leap for him.  He made sure we had did everything in the book.  We didn't have any crescent rolls (like the one in the book), but he thought that homemade chocolate cake would be a good substitute.  He insisted that he also make a card, *just* like the one in the book.  The same colors and all.  For our location, we chose to make a fort in the family room.  I can't say I was looking forward to lots of little boys, with food, on my bed ;-) 

Before I jump into the pictures I have to share that we finally found out why Aubrey has been so cranky this past handful of days.  He was feeling a bit warm about five days ago and was very fussy.  He didn't have any other symptoms.  However at this same time there were two siblings with a horrid tummy illness that included a fever.  I waited for his diapers to become more numerous, but they didn't.  Maybe teething?  Oy.  But then.  Then, a few days after the fever, I noticed this rash.  It was on his bottom and legs.  Weird.  So i kept an eye on it.  Then the next day I noticed two small blisters on his toes.  Ah ha!!  Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  Been there, done that when Jonah was Aubrey's current age.  The next day he had many more blisters on his feet.  Thankfully he doesn't have it anywhere near as bad as Jonah did.  Jonah got it so bad he could eat for three days and he had many, many blisters all over his feet and hands.  Aubrey only had one on his hand.  Amazingly Jed didn't get this illness when Jonah did.  But he did come down with it this week as well.  He has it even less severe as Aubrey, which I am thankful for.

Ok, so picture time of our tea party:

Jedidiah looking back over to see if he was making his card the right way.  Way too cute.

On the right hand page of the little magazine you can see the heart card, along with the two blue "x's" and one green and one orange "x".  All there on Jed's card too.

This is Jonah's card.  I made a light dot to dot for him to trace to get the heart shape.  He was very proud of it.

I was even more proud when Jonah came up to me and asked me to read his card to him.  This is the inside of the card. So I said something like, "To Mommy, from Jonah, I love you."  Then I gave it back to him and told him what a wonderful card he made.  He took his card then waved it back at me and exclaimed, "No, mommy, you didn't read it all!!"  I asked him which part I didn't read?  He proceeded to tell me nothing short of a five minute tale!  Ha!  Then he wanted ME to *read* it.  Oh my, memory, please serve me right!  I did fair, but not quite getting ALL the details. 

Jedidiah frosting the cake.  We just made one small cake.  Goodness, I didn't want everyone to be bouncing off the walls before noon!

The inside of our fort.  I thought it needed a bit of decoration and I found these stars in my yarn stash.

We used this blue sheet to cover my step bench (anyone remember those from the '80's?).  When we were getting something down from the cupboard, Jonah caught sight of this 'family' dish and thought it must be included in our tea party.

Do you think Jonah looks like he's having fun?  Seriously both boys have been asking to have another party/fort multiple times a day!

The girls were not to be left out.  The decided to make up their own tea party area.  The got dressed up, brought out some dolls to help them partake in the goodies and made sure to have a proper tea set up :-)

Aubrey woke up after everything had been set up and the cake was being served.  At the end of the party we were letting them make the top of the fort billow up (it was made of this very light weight fabric).  Aubrey thought this was the best part.  He was all smiles.

Aubrey was being super cute.  He has taken to Jedidiah's famous boot fashion (wearing two different colored boots).  I was taking a picture of him and he came over to see it on the back of the camera.  I decided to see if he would go for a picture of us together, and as you can see he was all up for it.

Jonah found his beloved Bob the Builder outfit.  I had it in one of their dresser drawers, on the bottom.  After all it's only 90 something degrees out, and this is is a heavy duty jean outfit.  He insisted on wearing it.  My has he grown!!! This used to be too big on him!

He made sure to fill up every available pocket with tool things :-)  Jonah is such a cutie.  Which is a good thing, because he is also a very inquisitive boy, which gets him into all sorts of trouble.  Ha, ha!

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