Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Next stop....Endocrinology

Jedidiah had his yearly check up with his GI doctor.  In one area (the one that is totally not important) things went well, but in the other, not so good.  His doctor was very pleased with Jed's cognitive advances.  He commented on how he was finally looking "like a normal boy".  That would be a very good thing IF it wasn't due to the reason Jed looks more normal.  He looks more normal because his weight is progressing along the curve, just on his own level, which I believe is like the one percentile...or less.  However, his height is falling away from the curve.  As it was he was below the curve, now he's much farther below.  This means that he is appearing to fill out and become more proportional, giving him that normal boy look.

His doctor said something about how last year he mentioned that maybe we wanted to see endocrinology.  I knew we had done a growth hormone test at that time and I had WRONGLY assumed that they would have called me if it was 'off'.  His doctor looked in his chart and told me, "Oh, yes, he had that test, and it was on the low side."  Low side? And he never told me?  Ugh.  As a note, your hormones fluctuate throughout the day.  So one hour you can have a normal reading and the next it can be low.  I thought it was definitely warranted that we make an appointment with endo.  He goes in at the beginning of September. 

Sigh.  A BIG LOOOOOOONG siiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh.  With ALL the things we have done for Jedidiah I feel like we are still not any closer to the answer.  Let me say that the GAPS diet DID "give" me my son, the one that was 'trapped' in that wee little body of Jed's.  His speech has taken off full force, he can now do imaginary playing, he wants us to read books to him (not just point at the pictures), he can draw pictures and he is trying to write.  I know there are more, but those are off the top of my head.  Jed has made huge progress and it is evident to those who know him. 

And so this journey continues.  One that we don't know the destination, we just take that next step, praying all the way. 

The important thing is that Jedidiah is thriving and enjoying life.  He just isn't thriving in height and weight :-)

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