Friday, July 27, 2012


Ahhh, the last of the July birthdays has come to pass.  Phew.  After running out to get an ingredient to make my birthday cake....I ended up not liking the cake!  Boo hoo.  It was just too rich.  I took a very small piece and I could hardly finish it.  Even the kids thought it was too much.  Oh well, better luck next year.

I have a picture of the cake but I am too tired to download it.  Instead I'll post Jonah's birthday pictures :-)  I have yet to take a picture of Jed, Moira and Jonah with their birthday signs.  I really have to get to that as I really like to look back on them.  It's a neat little tradition, one we started when Saoirse turned two.  So that's six years!  Wow. 

I'm ready to bang my head against the wall.  I've been trying to put together a video about homeopathy.  I have tried at least a half dozen times to do so.  Every. Single. Time. it doesn't work out.  The camera keeps messing it up!  Ugh!  I am going to give it a try with the family camera as we just recently got a new memory card.  If it doesn't work be prepared to hear some screaming. 

I am reading Joel Salatin's book, "Folks This Ain't Normal".  I had put it on hold at the library.  I was like number 400-something in line!!!  I totally forgot about the book.  I got a notice that I had a book on hold.  It's been months since I reserved the book.  Ha!  I have to say I am really enjoying the book so far.  I knew I would as I love his writing style.  I also really like what he has to say.  This first chapter alone was wonderful.  I actually started to read the book out loud to the girls.  One of the principles in the Charlotte Mason method is to read good literature written by someone passionate about the subject.  I'm not exactly sure if Salatin's book counts as good literature (I mean, the word 'ain't' is in the title), but boy is he passionate! 

  Time to hit the hay.  Aubrey has been waking up early as of late.  As in like 5:30.  Ugh.  He had better change that before the time change in the fall happens!  Yikes.

 Jonah requested a Captain America cake for his birthday.  Hmmmm.  We're pretty good about making cakes, but that seemed a bit out of our league.  So for his birthday we decided to go with a store bought cake.  Oh, man, just looking at all that food coloring was making my tummy turn!  This was one VERY brightly colored cake!!  I mean, it really was scary!

 But scary or not, Jonah was LOVING it!  He was just so happy.  I love seeing these pictures.  He really was truly elated with it being his birthday and all of us singing to him.  Very, very cute.  (You can also see that Aubrey was trying out the frosting!)

 The store didn't have a Captain America cake so Jeremiah got him an Iron Man cake instead.  The Iron Man figure that came with the cake, lacking.  Jeremiah decided to pick up a separate action figure to go on the cake along with the one that came from the store.

 After we sing and it is time to blow out the candle we don't say, "Make a wish."  Instead we tell them to, "Say a Prayer."  Here is Jonah saying his prayer.

The grand finale, blowing out the candle!  Four years!  Wow, hard to believe. 

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