Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The older two girls and I decided to have a bit of a contest.  We are calling it a "Biggest Loser" contest, but the focus is on health and habits.  We've actually had a few people here in the house asking/begging to go back on GAPS.  No joke.  I was having a horrid time trying to get back into the GAPS swing of things.  On top of that I knew we needed to be getting in shape.  I thought a bit of fun would help with the hard work that GAPS brings.  Although, thankfully, there isn't the learning curve associated with just beginning GAPS for the first time.

The past couple of months I've been very lethargic, and waking up in overall body pain.  The past few weeks it has taken me up to two hours to be able to get working around the house.  This has not been good for the state of our house!  In the past week I've had difficulty sleeping due to neck pain.  I thought perhaps I had done something to my neck.  Maybe I needed a new pillow.  Something.

That something came this morning.  Just 48 hours into GAPS and I woke up this morning free of pain.  NO PAIN.  My neck?  Totally fine.  I can't begin to tell you all that I got done this morning!!!  Even though I didn't sleep well last night (lots of people waking up during the night), I have the energy to get things done :-)  Don't get me wrong, I dont' have this amazing energy that is out of this world, but enough energy to do the things that I  need doing.  By 10AM I was able to get the following done:

All dishes washed (trust me this is nothing short of a miracle)
Two loads of laundry done (could have been more if we actually had a working dryer)
Dehydrator loaded up with corn and green beans
Meat brought out to defrost (seriously this was an overwhelming task these past few months!!!)
Went through the freezer to get an idea of what I need to buy and what I have to can
Made some breakfast for the baby and I
Made smoothies for the rest of the crew when they got up
Made a batch of granola
Cleaned up the kitchen
Of course the normal changing diapers and such :-)

Now this may not be impressive for most people, but seeing as how we haven't been eating breakfast until 11AM each day, this is amazing for ME!!

I just got the baby to nap and I am laced up and ready to exercise.  We only have a few hours before we have to take off to drop off the older two girls to their work trade, then to get an x-ray for Jed and finally a couple of errands thrown in.  I need to buy a couple of buttons for a cute crochet sweater I made for a baby shower this weekend.  I'll be posting that once I get that done.  I also purchased (the first for me) a crochet pattern for some VERY CUTE shoes.  I found this site that is awesome!  Most of her stuff is for sale, but I haven't seen anything this cool (for crochet) online in the past few years I've taken up the hook.  Can't wait for the pattern to come in my email box, then I can whip them up and my gift will be complete.

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