Monday, June 20, 2011

So that explains it!!

I do believe we've found the reason for all this sickness going on over here.  It also explains why we were sick last summer as well.  And it's NOT a good thing!!  Don't get me wrong I am very thankful that we know the source of our problem, but it is very overwhelming. I was starting to get flash backs of our time that we lived in the rental house before this house.  We were constantly sick with really, really weird things.  For the past six weeks one or more (usually 'more') of us have been sick at all times.  It has been very draining on me, especially since I was being brought down by my allergies.  Those yeast pills really did wonders, but my cough still did not go away.  And coughing for three months isn't something to brush off.  So I decided to go to our natural care practitioner to see what was 'wrong' with me.  The verdict.....


Oh, how my heart sank.  Although it seemed like the obvious reason, as I know we have a mold problem under our bathroom tub.  For some reason I figured it wasn't that bad.  Apparently it is.  She gave me a long list of things to do to get rid of it.  Let me assure you I had a bunch of other things planned this summer, and one of them was not to spend all day for weeks trying to get rid of mold!!  I looked online for other thoughts on the matter and we'll be looking at our options.

On the one hand I am VERY grateful to know the root of the problem, but on the other I am upset that it has been left to run amok in our home.  At this point we don't know if it's spread, but it sounds like even if it;s not behind the walls and such, then it is probably in our carpet, clothing and mattresses.  No small matter to tackle. 

Between taking care of sick children, being ill myself and the girls having Runner's Camp, I've been busy, busy, busy.  I was really hoping to use this week to get on track to start my plans for the summer.  We'll see.  Right now it is soooooo VERY hard to get up in the morning.  Granted I've never been much of a morning person, but this goes beyond that.  I wake up all cramped up and aching.  I dread having to pick up the baby.  NOT because of him, but because of how awful I feel.  I love to hold the baby, but it has been very hard to do so lately.  The yeast pills help with that, but I really can't see spending $80 a month for a supply of them until we take care of this issue.

Jeremiah says he will pull out the tub to get at the rest of the mold (he can only reach so far back behind the tub).  I know we will find a way to make this all work out.  Hopefully with getting rid of the mold, and then starting GAPS we should see some quick improvements for all of us. 

The girls had a blast at camp.  On Friday they put on a track meet.  That is a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  The poor babe was sick and not feeling well.  He made it through :-)  Flannery and Jed have seemed to handle this cold/horrid cough well, without any meds.  Jonah had a high fever for three days with his, but he drinks so much fluids that I wasn't concerned about him too much.  Although they are still coughing, they are not acting sick.  The baby, well he is a different story.  He has been Miserable (yes, with a capital "M").  I've had to sleep propped up, with him in my arms so that he could get some sort of sleep.  He was feverish as well.  My only concern was that he was so stuffed up that he found nursing hard.  So out came the Motrin for the night time.  I also made up a concoction of olive oil, garlic and Oregano oil.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but he has improved since rubbing the oil on his feet, chest and cheeks.  He's still sick, but he was able to sleep last night lying down, and he took a decent nap this morning.  I will keep up the oil and nurse frequently.  Hopefully he will be back to himself soon.

Here are a few pictures from our week:

The boys have been taking lots of naps, sometimes two a day, since becoming ill.  Here Jed was so tired he didn't even finish his snack :-)

Having fun with Jonah (read the green cards).

It was hard to get him to stay still though!

The start of the track meet.  Each age group is a different color, which are represented by the above flags.

Jedidiah looking on.  He didn't stay there for long.  With a whole side of the stadium bleachers to ourselves, he was running around more than watching.

On your mark, get set, go!

The boys loved climbing to the top.  The great thing about these bleachers were that they were built into a hill, so there were no holes for little legs to slip through.  Plus they couldn't fall off of them (at the top) as that was the top of the hill and it was flat ground up there.  Granted they could have fallen *down* the steps or benches, but thankfully that didn't happen.

This picture makes me dizzy just looking at it.

This is our daughter, on the field, during the procession onto the track field.  Shy?  I think not!

They have a sibling fun run (about 50 yards long).  It's the second or third event of the night.  Jonah in particular was hassling me if it was their turn yet.  And he would start to cry every time I said, no.  When it finally came time for the run, Jonah freaked out and refused to do so.  Silly boy.  But Jed thought it was a lot of fun.  And he went around showing us his ribbon.

Saoirse all happy to start the meet.

I'm telling you I don't know what is up with Flannery and sports.  She is so excited about them, but once she's there she's all serious.

One way the boys stayed busy, playing in the long jump sand pit.

The rake was short lived, as a gentleman came by and took it away from them.

The poor sick baby.  He spent 95% of the time in the sling, which made for a very sore back.  My sling is awesome, but having a hunk of a baby in there for close to 4 hours is a lot.

Isabella was a volunteer this year as she aged out of being able to be a camper.  I think her whole mission was to get as many people to sign her shirt.

See, Flannery is all happy now that we are at  home.  Go figure.  We got home around 10 PM. It makes for a long evening!  But fun was had by all.

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