Friday, June 03, 2011

Bunnies in the Park Part 2

After a few trips down the slide the bunnies looked across the park and saw the swings.  Ooohhh!  Off they hopped for some more fun.  Since they are small they were all able to fit on one swing.

Are you ready for some swinging fun?

Weeeeeee, look at the ears flapping in the breeze.  The closest they will get to flying.  They really enjoyed themselves.

While swinging they happened to see a squirrel skitter up a tree. They wanted to give tree climbing a try.  I tried to explain that that would be a wee bit difficult. With no arms, know, a bit difficult.  But non the less they wanted to give it a try.  They were quite ingenious by climbing up on top of each other to get higher up the tree.  But that's as far as they got.  Hey, at least they gave it a good try :-)

It's hard to tell here, but these bunnies are on a hill.  And a good hill is good for rolling down!!  Oh, what a blast they had.  When they would get to the bottom they would be all dizzy.  Up and down, up and down.  I was getting tired just watching them.  Unfortunately they 'collided' with another park patron.  A young boy, not looking where he was going....

Yikes!!  Bunnies watch out!!!  Oh, no, are you guys ok?

Thankfully they were fine.  The young boy apologized profusely.  Here he is giving one of the bunnies a hug.  Ummm, little boy, I think you have the bunny upside down.  Poor little bunny, if it's not one thing it's another.  By this time it was time to go home.  The bunnies fell asleep on the way home as they were so worn out from their adventurous day.

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All Natural Woman said...

OH MY!!! So many posts to catch up on!!! The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED the bunny posts!!!!!! After reading Part 2, they excitedly asked me to go to part 3, in which after explaining there was no part 3 just yet, there was a lot of wailing and knashing of teeth! YIKES! Anyway, your bunny stories a true hit! In fact the bunnies are out now, climbing all sorts of things in the doubt they worked up their bravery with the tree stunt! :)
Love to all!

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