Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An early birthday celebration

 We celebrated  Jedidiah's birthday early this year.  Moira is going to spend a week with her Nana.  We also invited Nana to spend Fourth of July with us.  So to make this a bit easier we decided to drop Moira off at Nana's house, then Nana bring her back here for the Fourth.  The plan was to stop by Nana's house to heat up some hot dogs then head to the pool to eat and swim.  However we were rained out!  Bummer.  The kids were looking forward to swimming in the pool.  Instead we hung out at Nana's house.  We ate out on her back porch.  Plus it worked out with the gift that Nana bought the boys (as a joint birthday present).  We left around 8PM or so.  I think I have mentioned that our gas gauge does not work. We figured that we can go at least 325 miles without having to worry about putting gas in the van.  I knew that the last time I saw the mileage we had gone about 90 miles.  I also knew that it got reset.  So we took that into account.  Well, apparently it was reset twice....and we found that out the hard way.  How very, very thankful we were after a lot of prayer and chugging along that we were able to get to a gas station (a few miles away from when we started sputtering).Phew!  A very eventful day.  I had a ton of problems uploading these pictures, so they are not in order.  I tried moving them around, and that wasn't working either.  Oy.  Friday is Jed's official birth day.  He turns five!!!  Wow, FIVE!!

 A favorite...coloring. 

 Jed picking out a picture to color.

 Jonah was asking me to take pictures of odd things, like his shirt, cup or mouth.  Jed wanted me to take pictures of those things as well.  Here is his 'mouth' picture.

 Eating on Nana;s back deck.

 Jonah's cup picture.

 His shirt picture.

 Setting up the birthday present.

 Lighting the candle.  Jed was sitting just out of sight.

 Just getting done blowing out his candle.

Showing off his super heroes.

Looking for the humming bird.

 The mouth picture.

 Sunglasses picture.

 Ah, this is what the girls were setting up....the boys new tent!

 Unwrapping time.

 Squishy looking tired.

Jed had a great time. 

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