Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pictures that were "stuck" on my camera

Now that we have a card reader I can upload my pictures, as evidenced by my clean closet :-)  I thought I would post a whole bunch of them.  Some are from hanging out back, some from the soccer tournament, and some other random ones.  I pushed the publish button before I was ready to.  I'll be back later to put some captions to the pictutres.

Jonah and a beloved chicken.  This boy seriously loves chickens!  He gets very upset if he can't catch one to carry it around with him.

I think he was actually talking to the chicken.  She does look attentive, as much as a chicken could.

Don't they look like they were made for each other :-)  ha, ha!  That chicken was just content to hang out with him.

Now the chicken realized that she has other plans.  I am sure this chicken has a name, but the girls aren't around for me to ask.

This is an old picture.  This was Moira's splint.  As a matter of fact this was the following day of her break.  She has since gotten a red cast and now is currently sporting a pink, water-proof cast.

Daddy and Jonah hanging out at the soccer fields.  This was the first day of the tournament, and it was cold!  The next day it was hot!

When I saw this picture I called Flannery over to ask her what she was doing? She doesn't know.  I asked her if she wanted to keep playing soccer as every picture we have of her playing she looks so very serious.  She looked at me like I had ten heads and exclaimed, "Of course I do!!  I love soccer!!"  Um, ok, if you say so, it just doesn't look like you do :-)

Sorry that a lot of these are blurry.  It's hard to tell when they are in their thumbnail state if they are clear or not.  Here's Isabella playing, or warming up.  Jeremiah took most of the action shots, so I'm not sure what she's up to at the time.

Check out Isabella's hair.  A bunch of her team mates sprayed their hair orange to match their jerseys.  Very silly.

What do the other kiddos do while their siblings are playing a soccer game?  Well they find an empty field, there is usually at least one, and they run around on it.  Maybe kick a ball around, or play some other game.

Close up of Jonah and a soccer ball.  Yes, very exciting, I know.

More hanging out.

Hmmmm, Jonah dear, the ball goes in the net, not your foot.  He needed a bit of help to get out of this situation.

Aubrey was either hanging out in the Ergo baby carrier or hanging out under some shade.  Those fold out chairs have come a long way!  This was a life saver.  Although, thankfully, it wasn't anywhere near as hot as last years tournament.

Some backyard time.  These are the new chicks we got a while back.  Look how big they are now!  No sweet balls of fluff anymore.

Dentistry at it's finest.  At some point, and I don't know HOW, so don't ask...but at some point the girls found out that the chickens are very, very interested in teeth and will peck at them.  So here is Moira trying to demonstrate this for me.  I told her I didn't want to see....being germphobic and all.

Although the saying isn't true, I do know why it came about:  Goats will eat anything.  Contrary to popular belief goats will not eat anything and everything.  They are however very much stuck in a baby like state, in that they check out everything by mouthing it.  Much like Aubrey these days!  When I go to hang up laundry they will be there to nibble on the clothing pins, clothes, the laundry basket, you name it.  Here one of the babies was checking out Moira's hair.  Again, this is an older picture, because this baby goat is off living on another farm.

Yes, more blurriness, but I really loved the movement of this picture.  It just yelled, "BOYS" to me.  Go, go, go!

This is usually how you will see Jonah or Jed dressed up these days.  They are really into capes and they have me fasion them out of a dish towel and a hair tie.

Just trying some different angles on some ordinary items.  Diapers.

Our beloved 'egg pail', you know the one that is supposed to be in the back laundry room.  Yes, we were successful for a while to keep the buckets where they belonged, but I see some training sessions of sorts needing to be implimented in our girls' future.  But at this time the pail was where it was supposed to be, while outside.  The goats and chickens, will go after the eggs (yes chickens are carnavores) so we put a hook high up on one of the fence posts to put the egg and scrap pails while the girls finished up any outside chores that needed to be done.

A play pail hanging out on my laundry post.  Not sure what it was doing there.  Stranger things have been found before, and after a while you stop asking :-)

Playing with my timer.

This was too funny.  Flannery asked to hold 'Squishy'.  Jeremiah and I were in the room with her just chatting.  Flannery has the inability to remain still.  So I took notice when the chair wasn't moving, and found this!!  Both of them fast asleep!!  How cute.

It's nice to know we have such brave men in the house for protection :-)  Ya gotta love the footwear. (They are the lining of winter boots.)

No one will be able to stand up to this powerful force.

Nor this one, that is if you don't die of cuteness overload first.

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