Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It was hot!

It was a hot one today.  I decided to take the kiddos to see Jeremiah's soccer game.  I can't say I saw much of the game.  There were bleachers.  Enough said :-)  After the game we ran to the store.  I seriously felt like I had wilted.  The baby cried all the way home.  And then some.  Got him to bed, everyone fed and I am taking a breather before I hit the hay myself.  Here are some of the pictures I took while there.

I think I need to save these in a higher resolution as they became blurry after I made them larger.  Oh well.  Jed hanging out under the bleachers.

This little guy was getting very sleepy.  He fell asleep for a few minutes.  But I am sure that feeling like your melting does not lend to staying asleep.

Jonah hanging out at the bleachers.

For a few minutes Jonah decided to take off his shirt.  Not sure what made him change his mind, but the shirt went back on.

Even though it was close to 7PM the sun was just blazing!

Everyone had pink cheeks.

Even this guy.

Despite how hot it was Flannery still found it difficult to stay still.

And Jed too!

This guy wasn't feeling too well this afternoon.  I do hope he is ok.  Tomorrow is his last day of speech therapy with Miss Bonnie.  I would hate for him to have to miss it.  He even made her a big chocolate chip cookie that he decorated. And he colored her a thank you card.  I am hoping to remember to bring my camera to take a picture of Jed and Miss Bonnie.


Oh, look!!!  She sitteth still!!!!

Lounging.  Taking a break from running all over the bleachers.  Actually I wouldn't let them run around, goodness knows we don't need any more broken bones.  Moira had to get another cast put on today as her other one was cutting into her arm.  I am so ready for her to be cast free.  Next week they have runners camp and then the following week she gets it taken off.  I know she can't wait.

Off to bed for me, I hear it calling my name....

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