Thursday, June 23, 2011

The last of the Bunny pictures

This may be the last of the pictures, but we do have one grand finale coming soon before we are through with our adventures. 

So you may remember a while back of some photos I took of your cousins at the park.  Well, as you know those bunnies are real hams!  They had to have their pictures taken as well.  And who can resist such cute pleas....with those wee bunny eyes and big bunny ears?

We used this window to take a few pictures of the girls. 

The bunnies hopped right on up to have their picture taken.  Ok, bunnies, let's try to get all your ears pointing up.  That would  make a much more professional photograph.

Well, that's a bit better, but bunny in the middle you need to put your ears up....

Bunny in the middle?  Can you hear me?  Oy, never mind.  Ok, let's move on.

Next we went to the rock wall.  You can see Moira getting ready for a picture here.  Bunnies, it's your turn.

It's a bit of a climb for them.  So I waited a while.  White bunny made it! 

Yeah, brown bunny made it as well.  But poor multicolor bunny didn't have it in him to make it to the top.  Well that's ok.  We'll find a more easily accessible location for our next photo.

There is a small garden at the walking park, with a wonderful brick path.  Perfect for pictures!  Here I am explaining to my kiddos how I wanted them to hold hands for their picture.

Hmmm, I'm not sure if my kids are listening any better than the bunnies :-)  Ok, bunnies, let's see you do it now....

Saoirse went over to give the bunnies some pointers and it appears that brown bunny had other plans.  Um, brown bunny, it's not time to play!  Stop attacking Saoire's foot, I'm not sure if she appreciates that.

Now, now, let's not get all dramatic.  I'm just asking for you guys to hold ears and walk around the garden.

When we found this red bench I thought it would be a great place to take pictures.  The bench has the "Blue's Clues" stamp on it.  I put it on there.  Just because Jed and Jonah really love Blue's Clues.  Ok, moving on.....:-)

Um, bunnies, that's not what I had in mind.  I was thinking more like what Moira was doing above....sitting on the bench, not climbing it!  Oh, silly, silly bunnies!

I say we call it a wrap.  Group hug!  Maybe Emma will have better luck with getting some good portraits :-)

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