Monday, June 06, 2011

Bunny troubles

As you have heard, we had some bunny guests.  We had lots of wonderful adventures with them.  They were a lot of fun to  hang out with.  For the most part they were well behaved.  A bit dare devilish at times, but polite and well behaved.  That was....until there was cake in the house.  Oh, yes, these bunnies have a weakness.  They were very, very fond of cake.  Birthday cake to be exact.  You see Emma's birthday is in the beginning of April and Saoirse's birthday is at the end.  I was trying to get the bunnies to Emma for her birthday, but that didn't happen.  And she may be very well pleased that I did not after she sees just what her bunnies were up to while hanging out here.  We really didn't think the bunnies would be too interested in joining our family birthday party.  I didn't ask them, and now I do suppose I should have, but the thought didn't cross my mind.  The evening was great, lots of food, cake and presents.  Dinner is usually late around here, but this night especially so as Jeremiah had to be gone part of the evening.  So we did a quick clean up and headed to bed.  As you know we are trying to save some change by doing things like turning out lights that are not in use.  It was pretty dark in here as we were getting ready for bed.  I heard some noise.  Odd noises.  Do we have a mouse in our house I wondered?  Kind of a scritch and scratch, little whispers of sorts, some snorteling.  I decided to investigate.  And this is what I came across:

What in the world?  Are those bunny ears I see?  And why is the left over birthday cake unwrapped?

Yikes!!!  Naughty bunnies!!!  Caught red, or I should say forked, eared.  Who knew that bunnies loved cake so much.  Next time I'll remember that.  And Emma, make sure you watch out for those pesky bunnies.  They might eat you out of house and home!  :-)

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