Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So here are the rest of my weekend in pictures.  I also took a lot at soccer practice, well it was actually the soccer practice that wasn't.  We signed the girls up late and hence we are not on the coaches email...and apparently I didn't get the memo that practice was canceled.  Thankfully it was a beautiful evening and I spent some time taking pictures of the kids playing.

Isa and Saoirse with some chickens.  The chickens all have names.  And the girls know which chicken is which!  They all look the same to me.  Saoirse is holding one of our chicks, which is growing up quick.

Hey, my picture got put off center...got to love blogger.  Here the chickens are playing 'baby'.  I truly never knew how funny chickens + kids were!

Jonah LOVES, LOVES, ***LOVES*** the baby animals.  I think they are pretty fond of him too :-)

Lightening getting so big.  He's such a cutie.

More silly chickens.  I will someday have to get the list of names for all the chickens.  I know a few of them are, Mrs. Blockhead, Miss Blueberry, Teensy, Tiny, Biter.....Hey, I didn't name any of them!

Jonah decided to play with the hose for a bit.  I'm smart enough to stand far away...ask me how I got so smart.

Oh, look more chickens!  Hey we only have 19 to choose from.

The goats and Jonah get along really fine.  They have something in common....the love of food!  Here's Lily giving Jonah a kiss.  They were disappointed when they realized there was no food in the bin (we just moved the food out to other bins).

Jonah is a hard worker.  He was out there moving things around to where he thought they ought to go.

Here are some tops for those pails.

Um, Jed, you have something in your hair...

Well, yes that might get it out...

Not too happy with the outcome!  Actually he had no clue he had hay in his hair.  He just loves, LOVES, ***LOVES*** playing with water.  The nozzle got stuck and he got drenched!

yours truly.

Jed and I having a chat...and getting our picture taken.

Saoirse just being Miss Photogenic.

Take a close look, and you'll see the baby goat has his tongue sticking out!  He's giving her a smooch!

More baby goat kisses, although they make Flannery giggle.

As soon as we got to soccer practice tonight Moira plopped herself on some nice green grass and resumed her reading, that she was in the middle of during the ride over.  Scratch that, she's been in the middle of reading all day!

Saoirse and the boys played with some toys I brought along.

Jonah being a cutie pie.

Jonah being....um....weird? 

Saoirse picking long grass to hide her plastic animals.  It became a game of her hiding them and I was supposed to find them.

A boy and his tractor.

Being silly!

Saoirse and Jed found a lovely dead beetle.  Here is Jed checking it out.  Both boys are afraid of bugs.  Poor Jonah looses it if he sees one, or if he sees a spider web! 

Afraid of bugs, me, Mr. tuough guy?

All smiles.

Hiding her animals on me.

"You can't find them, Mom."

Moira, reading, and reading.  Here is a before and after I did in Photoshop Elements. 

More reading!

She did take a break, however, to give her little brother a hand.  (Of course I had to tell her he needed helping, because she was a bit absorbed in her book :-))

He needed help with his shoe falling off.

Back to our regularly scheduled program of stick finding.

Jed, looking like a big boy these days.


Nancy M. said...

Those are some great pics! You should hear some of our chicken names, lol! I know all about weird names! Looks like y'all have a lot of fun!

Tracy said...

Wow!! Very cool pictures! They are a bit small on my phone screen, but it'll do for now!! Miss you all!

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