Saturday, May 01, 2010

Busy, busy week/weekend...

Oh, my I have a lot to write about.  Not sure how much of it I will be able to get on here, it is late, but I find it ever so much easier to type with two hands than with one, or with a toddler crawling all over me :-) 

I had separate posts running around in my head for days, but now they need to get all stuffed into one.  I was really bumming that I did not bring my camera with me this past Friday when we ran errands.  We needed to get out to do our big shopping.  I planned on leaving early, but our departure was delayed because we realized that our dog, Kayla, was not able to walk!  It's a long story, but she had a broken leg as a puppy that went unnoticed and it healed wrong.  Due to her having to walk at an odd angle she has developed arthritis.  And apparently she was having a very, very bad day!  The vet gave her a cortisone shot and it took about 24 hours to really make a difference, but she is up and walking. She had never had any episodes like this before, but the vet told us to expect it to be more of a regular occurrence.  So after Jeremiah came home to take the dog to the vet, the rest of us, minus Isabella, left for the stores.  It may sound odd but I have been hoping to take some pictures of the gas station we frequent.  Like I said, odd, I know.  But nowadays with these new gas stations with the videos playing at every pump I just have to take a bunch of pictures of our rural gas station.  They do not even have electronic pumps...Gasp!!  You actually have to walk inside to pay!  And unless they know you, you have to prepay!  I am glad to say we go there often enough, and our van is recognizable enough that I don't have to prepay.  Yes, that makes me feel very special (I'm just kidding about that).  Anyways, I wanted to snap some shots of the old place.  Well there I am on Friday pumping my gas when one of the guys who runs the place drives up in a really, really old tractor to get gas!!!  I kid you not!  Talk about the small town feeling! I really need to keep my camera on hand for things like that.

Saoirse had her birthday on Wednesday.  I will make a separate post for that, because that's just what I do for birthdays :-)

Oh, yes, on Friday after all of our shopping we had come home and rushed to eat a late lunch.  The girls were invited to be a part of a book club!  How neat is that?  The three older girls were meeting with the other girls and the rest of the gang hung out in the backyard at the host's house and played with their younger children.  Their first book they will be reading will be, "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm".  And it's a good thing for us that we have that book already, and it was on my list of books to read for the girls! 

Come Friday evening Isabella had her first game of the season end soccer tournament.  The did very well and won their first game.  They did not do so well in the fall, and they had improved for the spring season.  But I must say I was suprised at how well they were playing.  I could tell a huge difference in their game!  We only stayed for a very short time due to a certain child having some issues.  Oh well.  I knew she was going to have two other games the next day so I just packed the gang back up and left for home.  I was very glad that I did a lot of food prep on Friday night because that made Saturday go so much easier!  I got to Isabella's second game late (oh, what a surprise!).  And by golly they won that game as well!  Both games they won, 3-0.  We had a good hour before their last game was scheduled so I decided to take the five younger kiddos with me to Walmart to grab some cold food product....hey, it was hot out!  Well we never made it there.  Not half way there there was a police check point, where they were checking for your drivers license. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't have it on me!!!  We started taking out cash to pay for our groceries. So the beginning of each month I go to the bank to do so.  I didn't have my check book on me so I gave the teller my atm card and my ID.  She gave it back to me in the little white cash envelope, which I then put into our special grocery pouch.  And I forgot to take it out!  So that took a while as he was looking up my info.  He told me I had to go to the police station within two weeks to show it them.  I told him I lived only five minutes away and could I just run home and get it?  He said yes, and that is what I did.  But that meant we didn't get to Walmart, AND we were late for Isa's last game!  UGH!  It was a close game, but they won 2-1.  That meant that they made the final!  WOW. The championship game was a tie, 1-1.  All the kids were so worn out.  Not to mention that one of Isa's team mates had broken his collar bone and arm in the previous game!  The officials were figuring out what the rules were for a tie...did they have a sudden death?, OT? or what?  Well, as they were figuring it out their teammate with the broken bones, came walking on the field, straight from the hospital to try to catch the end of the game.  Just then the officals called over the coaches and had a little talk, and the next thing I know our coach is jumping up and down.  He runs over to tell our team that they won the championship.  Come to find out their rules state that if there is a tie, the team that had the least goals scored against them during the tournament wins!  And that was our team.  How very neat for Isabella.  The coaches took all the kids out for pizza.  I had the privalege of transporting the whole team in my van!  At the end, the coaches handed out their trophies (all the players get them just for playing in the league).  It was really neat that Moira got one as well as she had played in the fall season.  It came as a surprise to her to hear  her name get called.  We went home and I got the younger kids washed up and they all zonked out promptly!!!! I'm zonked as well! 

I know there were other things I wanted to talk about, but it will have to wait till another day.  As a matter of fact I plan on posting the soccer pictures later as well.  Blogger takes forever to load pictures.  And uploading just a few could take up to a half hour! So soccer pictures and birthday post coming soon :-)

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Kathy said...

Happy Happy birthday Saroise! and kudos on the book club!

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