Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some pictures

OK, just getting around to those pictures.  Some have been edited, others not.  Things have been a wee bit unorganized here.....and so I really need to be digging in and getting a lot of work done.  Not that I haven;t been getting things done, but sometimes when I do things that are not on my normal-every-day tasks, well things start to get messy over here.  I;m hoping to catch up soon, as I would like to spend some of our "free time" on other things than cleaning.  Our free time came when Jed's speech therapist told me she had decided to take Thursday off.  As it was Wednesday of this week and Monday of next week are teacher work days and early release from the schools.  So we have an unexpected week of no speech!  Which by the way is going amazingly well.  The other day the girls were asking Jed to say some words.  I MUST get a video to document his progress, but first I have to recharge the batteries for the camera. Today, while looking at a book, Jed was able to say these same words all by himself, with NO prompting!  (A lot of times you have to say the word first, and then he will copy- or try to copy- you.)  So he said, 'puppy', titty-tat (kitty cat), 'pig', 'off', and came close to 'flower'.  Ok. on to half ofour weekend of pictures, I'll have to get the rest up another time.

Saoirse at soccer.  They only have one more game for the season. 

Here is the colored version of "The Legs".  Farther down you'll see how the head shot didn't cut it!

This was way too funny.  There is a little boy right behind Jonah who was trying to say hi to him.  However, Jonah had just gotten that Gatorade in his hands and he was afraid that this little boy was going to steel his goods.  Normally Jonah is all bubbly and waving at people, very social.  But here he is all suspicious and freaked out!  Way too funny!

Flannery waiting on the side line for her turn to go on the field.

Saoirse looking through the 'gear' thingie, in the fountain.

There was a whole lot of running going on around the fountain.  I was wincing a lot!  The bricks around the fountain are put into a 'gear' format (if you were looking at it from the sky), so there were a lot of corners....you know to bust a lip open on or something. Thankfully that didn't happen.

The boys dipping their toes.  Jonah had no fear of the water...he wanted to jump right in.  It was only about twelve inches deep, but still, I had my hands full trying to keep him out of the water.

Trying to get a decent picture of the girls.  Flannery was in a silly mood the whole time and each and every single time I tried taking a picture with her in it she kept making goofy faces.  I admit that after a while of that it grew thin on me!  Like I said, little boys running here and there, and I don't have the time to keep retaking photos!  Ugh!

She's not looking goofy here because she didn't realize the camera was on her!  That was the secret.

Saoirse dipping her toes.  We had to go grocery shopping afterward and the bottom half of her dress was all wet :-)  There was a lot of splashing going on!

I like this one of Moira and will eventually crop it, but no time right now.

What a great shot of the men in my life :-)  One way to get the boys to sit still was to feed them!  Which is why Jed has an odd expression on his face....he was chewing :-)

A close up of my photogenic child.

At the very end as we were getting ready to leave, Isabella stood still long enough to get her picture taken, willfully that is :-)

All righty, off to do some school, outside time, then cleaning.  Pop some potatoes in to bake for dinner and then pick up Saoirse from soccer (Jeremiah's taking her and Flannery to practice this evening).  Hopefully if all goes well we will be ordering some garden seeds and milking supplies this evening. How exciting!!!  Jeremiah made the base of the milking stand, now all he has to do is make the holding bars (not sure what to call them). We should be having milk by next week sometime!!  How cool is that?

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