Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Our week so far

Good day to you all! We had a busy weekend and these first few days of the week have proven busy as well. Saturday was the Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Then Sunday was church. We had church under the tent as our church hosted a father/son retreat that weekend. It was fun to be out all day. However just as we were leaving Saoirse decided to stop and check out this really neat green ball of a plant.....turned out to be a cactus and she learned the hard way! The poor thing had a ton of prickers in her hand. We borrowed some good tweasers and spent a long time picking out the prickers. I had read that after you pull them out you should put a thin layer of elmers glue over the area and cover it with some gauze. When it dries it will pull off the remainder prickers that you didn't see or were too small to grab. So we went to the store to get some glue as all I had were glue sticks. She is recovering just fine. Though we do have the problem of Flannery who will NOT sleep in her own bed because Saoirse sat on it and now Flannery is afraid that the prickers came off of her and got on her bed. I am certain that one day in the future this will all be very funny to me :-)

Monday was a cleaning day in preparation for some dinner guests. We had a wonderful family over (from our church, and by golly I think all of the families are wonderful!). What a blessed night of fellowship and mentoring. I got some great advice in my quest of finding answers to our child raising woes.

Tuesday was grocery shopping day. And what a day it was. I wasn't too thrilled at how the children were behaving in the store. I did remember what my friend at last nights dinner said, about how as the children learn more we raise the bar higher. So I took the time to think back to how they behaved a year ago and knew that compared to them they have indeed improved. I suppose I just expect more of them now. Anyways, here I am in the checkout line really looking forward to being done. After our shopping in Walmart we were going to grab some subs (our shopping day tradition) and head to Harris Teeter to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies. I had Soirse and Jed in the stroller and Jonah was in his baby sling on me. The other girls were looking at stuff, or putting things from the cart onto the belt. Our stroller was in the way of the people behind us so I told one of the girls to move it. I then proceeded to grab a bag off the carosel thingie and did not see that they parked the stroller RIGHT behind me. So I took a small step back as to have room to pull off the bag and I stepped on the strollers wheel. I fell back. I tried to catch myself. It was like slow motion. But with the weight of the baby and the bag that swung back with us I could not catch myself and I fell on the floor. Thankfully that baby was in the wrap as he stayed attatched to me. However his head bounced off of my chest and that was very scary for me. He was asleep the whole time. He stirred briefly. By the time we got to the sub shop (right there in Walmart) he was waking. He nursed and then sat there smiling at me. I assumed he was ok. I, however, was mortified. I was shaking, and a bit sore. I was also thankful that he wasn't hurt. That evening he was very fussy. I was afraid he had shaken baby syndrome or something. But after talking with a friend today it probably was just the stress chemicals that got into my milk. He was much better today. I was a little bit sore, nothing major. I will have to look out for sneaky strollers!

Well it is late and i have to pack for tomorrow. We are spending the day at the zoo. It takes about three hours to get there. We'll spend the day there and then have dinner out. We are celebrating 14 years of marriage!!!!! Some people may find it odd to celebrate an anniversary with children. However, what better way to show how much we value marraige than to celebrate it with them. Isabella packed a change of clothes for herself and her sisters. I have to pack the diaper bag with the boys' things. So off I go. I leave you with two pictures.
Here is Jonah man in his cute dragon outfit. I got a smile in there too. He is a smiley babe. He is getting big fast. This is a new outfit, 3-6 month size and it just fits! Yikes! I brought down winter stuff in sizes 3-6 months and I am afraid that I will have to go up to the next size before the season ends.
This was TOO FUNNY!! The girls decided to play house and the cat was the baby. Poor Morris. I'm not sure how much he enjoyed being the baby. I am always afraid that he will be fed up with us and not come around anymore. But there he was on our porch the next morning meowing for his breakfast.
Here's Daddy with the baby. Ha, ha! Look at that face! They wanted to get pictures of him in the baby doll crib. We didn't get any of those. Maybe another day.

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Laura said...

Happy Anniversary, hope you all had a great day at the zoo!

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