Monday, October 27, 2008

a great site

My friend Bethany put together two wonderful posts on vaccinations. She has a bunch of links that I have never been to. I am excited about checking them out. Well, excited as one can be learning that I put toxins into my children.....ok, you know what I mean (at least I hope you do!). Anyway, please stop by her blog and check out her posts here and here.

This week I will be a bit busy. That's putting it mildly. I am undertaking the reorganization of our house. Not for the faint at heart! OK, it's not that bad, but I did request help from our church as I have not been able to get anything done due to all the normal everyday stuff that takes up my time as it is. I had our wonderful helper, Grace, come today. I got the whole family room done and almost the changing room done! Yipee! I have plans on writing a post on the plans I have to revamp our family situation. You see we have lazy children. We have disrespectful children. We have disobedient children. Trust me, it's not pretty. Well, sin never is. So Jeremiah and I have plans to turn things around. The plans are flexible as life always likes to throw you a few unknowns. And we know that without the Lord nothing we do will work. Yet at the same time the Lord commands us to train our children and to teach them diligently the ways of the Lord. Something we have obviously failed in. So when I get the chance I'll write that out on my blog. It will be neat to see what we do, what worked, what didn't, etc.

Off to get some granola bars made for tomorrows snacks.

Have a great day!


Laura said...

Thinking of you in this time of organization, and restucture. Our kids work and work a helps withthe whole attitude and disrespect issue. I've been planning on doing a post on this...not to say they aren't still kids, you know. My husband is much better at keeping our kids on their toes, glad they go to work with him daily..they trade out, that's another story. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

HC said...

I cannot wait to hear what "restructuring" you have done! We deal with these issues almost on a daily basis and I am to the point of tearing my hair out! Can't wait to hear your ideas!

Bethany W. said...

Thanks for the free publicity. I just wrote Vaccinations - Part 3, it makes mention of a nurse in a predicament similar to your sister's.

Nancy said...

My home needs a major overhaul. I am sure you know it's so hard to get the work done in the midst of taking care of so many little ones, homeschooling, and regular home duties. Kudos to you for your accomplishment. What a blessing to have a helper!

Nancy said...

I have some info on vaccinations at

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