Friday, October 24, 2008


Donna had asked me a question regarding vaccinations. What do we do with them? Good question! With our first two children we had them fully vaccinated. However, towards the last couple of shots with our second I had been doing more research on the matter. I was uneasy about what I had read and we spaced them out some more. Then with our third child, along with doing a whole lot more reading and having a midwife who was against vaccinations we decided not to give her any. I have to say, to this day, she is my child that somewhere deep inside of me I feel something would have happened to her. Maybe not severe, but something. I have never been able to shake that feeling whenever I continue my research. I have had a doctor try to scare me into them. He would not let up, so we left the practice. With all the doctors visits with Jed I was sure it was going to be an issue, and with one doctor it was. The doctor who admitted us to the hospital never said a word about it....until afterwards on a return followup visit. The visit was supposed to be about how we were going to manage Jedidiah's feedings. However, the whole visit was nothing but vaccinations! I kept going back to the topic of how I was supposed to feed my child (the doctors at the hospital wanted that to be between our doctor and me so this doctor was the one who was supposed to be giving me how much, when, and all that other feeding info I had been waiting for..). He would literally start a sentence on the topic of feeding and stop, and then go on and on about how we don't vaccinate. I NEVER got the information I really needed! He's worried that my child MIGHT get some horrid disease, BUT never mind that he WOULD die if I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to feed my child. Um, yeah, that makes a lot of sense :-) He told me that if Jed was to come down with a fever that I would have to take him to the ER, as he was not willing to see him because we didn't vaccinate. Ok, sorry for the little rant there, maybe I just had some pent up emotions from the whole ordeal :-) We currently have a wonderful doctor. He told us when we first visited that if we wanted vaccinations that we would have to get them somewhere else as he did not have enough patients to stock them. And he's never said a word about it since! He's the kind of doctor who actually listens to you!!!! A very rare novelty!!!! I told him even if we moved half way across the state I would still keep him as our doctor. He is fine with me trying our natural remedies. And he knows my hard stance on antibiotics. That is why I respect his opinion. Last winter when we were all getting the flu he told me that the Jeremiah, the girls and I were fine to ride it out but that although he wouldn't tell us what to do he felt very strongly that Jed take the Tamaflu meds. And ya know what, we did! I was able to take his advice because he knows how I feel about meds and wouldn't recommend them if it weren't truly necessary. Ok, now I'm off on another tangent.

My best advice, Donna, would be to really ask around. Maybe find a homebirth meetup as a lot of women in them are usually more into natural remedies and ask them who they see for their doctor. And I would also recommend that you always continue researching. I know that if we were to go out of the country that I would have my children vaccinated. Only because at that point a lot of factors change. I believe that God has made our bodies to work. Yes they fail at times because we live in a sinful world, but he gave our bodies mechanisms to fight disease. Also, I have read enough to know that proper nutrition and good hygiene go a long way to fight off illness. But other countries may not have those God ordained sanitary conditions to fight off disease. So I am not a total die hard antivaccinationist (is that a word?). No matter which decision we make regarding vaccinations, we are taking a risk. Which risk are we willing to live with? Which is also why I feel that it is my duty (to my children) to feed them well. I recently mentioned that we have had more sugar in our diet than I would like. Sugar is a big, bad, no-no. It totally renders your immune system useless for a few hours. You have some sugar at breakfast, then at dinner, then really adds up, leaving your body without its proper defense.

There are so many aspect to talk about regarding vaccinations. For example the number of people who still come down with the diseases that they have been vaccinated against. Or the fact that some of the diseases have been making a comeback, but they have mutated, so now vaccinations are not effective against it. Or the pro-life factor, that there has been vaccines made with aborted fetal tissue. It doesn't matter how "watered" down it is now, some poor aborted baby was used to make it. And of course all the issues that vaccines hinder your immune system. I mean, how many people do you know have ever had 7 diseases attack them at once? Yet they give that all-in-one shot that has 7 vaccines in it. It may only be 5 vaccines in the all-in-one, but I know they were trying to get one approved for 7. I mean 7!!!! And this is on infants, a wee little person, who's body is still forming at a rapid rate, and it's body is learning how to work with the world. So lets inject them with a bunch of poisons. Yes, those poisons are in very small quantities, but it's also going into a very small person. Never mind all the doctors and nurses who won't even get some of the newer shots coming out now. Why is that? Oh, am I going on and on again? I'm sorry! I hope I even answered your question with all these babblings!! If not, or if you have any others, feel free to ask.

On a side note we went to our church's reading of Deuteronomy. I didn't get to listen to all of it as I had a fussy baby. But even still it was really neat to see all the families gathered together reading great lengths of God's word. Children sitting, listening as well. Although some children colored, or fell asleep. Even some of the older girls and some of the women were knitting or crocheting as they listened. There was a small break for some snacks. The evening went from 6 pm until 9:15 or so. I wish I could convey just how special I think our church is. We are not perfect to be sure, but there is just something about having the families as a whole participating. There are a lot of us in the church who did not have a Christian upbringing. There are many times when we are trying to find our footing. And what a blessed thing to be able to go to an older woman or another family who may be generations strong in the faith to turn to. It is really amazing. And I also love that I will get the truth, as hard as it may be, as much as I don't want the truth at that moment. But that truth is given in love. It's not watered down, nor is it shoved down either. We also have a diverse body, with interesting talents and interests. I just heard that one of the ladies knows how to cut hair. She had told someone else that she would show her how to cut her boys' hair. I said, "Hey, lets make it a class! I need to learn too!" Another lady just told me today that she would help me pick out paint colors for our house. She told me that when I was ready that she would come with me to pick out the colors! Then there are a bunch of women who sew, or knit, or......the list goes on. One young gentleman came to help us with our computer. And lets not forget all the wonderful hands that help with the young ones. I usually don't know where Jonah is on Sundays! He's off with one of the many girls waiting 'in line' to hold him :-)

I seem to be in a rambling mood this evening! I must be off to bed. Even though Jed may have gone to bed later than normal, that doesn't mean that he will sleep in later than normal.

Have a blessed day!


Pam's Pride said...

No vaccines here either anymore. My older ones have some and DD has just the ones the hospital gives. I just could not do anymore after that.
My 9 yo got his hand caught in the chainsaw nearly two weeks ago and we had to go to the ER. The ER doc wanted him to get a tetnus shot. I said what for he is not around horses or horse manure? He nodded his head and replied "So you are refusing the tetnus shot?" Then he asked how we had them is school without vaccines....I said we homeschool. Never gave me a bad time. But, he did ask me just one more time to make sure that I was refusing the tetnus shot before he was done.

DD had croup last November and almost died. We took her to the ER....then when she got up to the Ped floor the doc asked us about it...I gave him a 'look' that said you are NOT going to change my mind and he did not give me a bad time at all either.
My children are so healthy...PRAISE GOD!!...that most of them have not even had to have well care visits...I mean who wants to take their kiddos in an office that is just crawling with sick kids! Eww!
We do treat with herbs and we have never hestitated to go to the ER (Only twice...chainsaw and croup) when it has been needed. But, had I known they were just going to super glue 9 yo hand back together I could have just done that at home myself!! LOL!!;)

Pam's Pride said...

Oh, I forgot to add that my MIL is a nurse and she is the one who hassle us the MOST about vaccinations! She is relentless!! Had to go on for 20 minutes about why 9 yo should of had the tetnus shot....I told her to go do some research on it and that I would too...just so she would stop!
She also drives me crazy about wanting to give the little ones cough syrup and stuff if they come over her house and have the slightest of a cough....I think it is just when her cats are particularly sheddy (yeah that is probably not a word) and irritate them!

Henley said...

hi Kerri,
I totally agree with your stance on vaccines! I'm an "old bird" and they didn't have vaccines when I was a child for things like chickenpox. I got the chickenpox, and - voila - lived! My immune system is probably stronger for having it and having natural antibodies to it now rather than chemical ones via a vaccine.
Thanks for your thought provoking posts - and love to all the little ones:)

Laura said...

A church where the Bible is read...and not just about entertainment. That is so refreshing!

Bethany W. said...

I think our minds are somehow connected! I was thinking about blogging about vaccines soon (I still may). I cried last week becuase of all the old people going into the public health building for flu shots - the poor dears!
We are SO much alike! My first 2 kids were totally drugged, but number 4 has not had any since he was born...
And, there's another great argument for home birth!!! What 2-day old baby is sexually active to get hepatitis?!
Thanks for your post.

Kathy Eller said...

We no longer vaccinate here either :)

Our family DID get whooping cough from a vaccinated baby although atleast 3 of us had been fully vaccinated agst the disease.

I am so grateful for your honesty in posting here. Many people I know who reserach and make an enducated decision about not to vaccinate then lie and say that they did. Thank you for believing in your decision.

I am sorry about your Dr. experience. I am not surpirsed but very sorry. Vaccinations are such a distraction to some people and they get overly emotional and lose all ability to be rational. Your thoughts about your Dr. not telling you how to feed the child who WILL die if not fed vs. COULD die IF he got a disease and IF he couldnt fight it on his own, are so true and scary to me.

I also get freaked out about older folks getting flu shots :)

Kimberly in idaho said...

In the past, I did think vaccinations were a better choice, but after lots of researching, my mind has changed. I feel a lot how you did. I felt if I continued with my little one's vaccinations something bad was going to happen. I feel it to this day, that if I take him in, he is going to have a horrible side effect. I do have an awesome doctor who is all about natural healing and rarely suggests medicine for us. It's refreshing. I recomend him to all my friends.

Bethany W. said...

I see a common link here - studying the issue for ourselves!

I posted Part 1 of my vaccination thoughts today. Please let me know what you think! And, if I left out a great link, let me know!
I am really NOT trying to be just like you, I really WAS planning to do this for weeks!


Tracy said...

Well your dear sister here just couldn't NOT post a comment here after reading all these other wonderful comments. As an RN, I feel like I am a hypocrite going into work. It's not just about vaccinations, but about all synthetic drugs massed produced and pushed onto people. I have to administer these drugs in my job, but I do not believe they are doing anyone any good (like vaccinations). SO while I feel I am doing more harm by administering these drugs, I do my utmost to "preach" about natural healing, herbs, and doing things the way God intended us to do. Not only do I preach to the patients, but also their families and co-workers. Now I have found myself in a predictament. We are highly encouraged by the hospital to get our flu shots (they are FEEE after all - please note the sarcasm!). But I will be refusing mine. The sad thing is most people I work with are shocked at my decision as they will view me as a carrier and probably the cause of any of our patients contracting the flu (I work on the respiratory floor). It is very sad that doctors and some nurses cannot understand that people with already compromised immune systems are more likely to die after getting a flu or pneumonia vaccine as they are if they got the disease in the first place. Vaccines temorarily suppress your immune system (for how long is still debateable), so if one is already ill with something else, then having one's immune system suppressed even for a short time can open the door for some serious problems to occur in the body.
So the entire problem for me is I will be out of a job by next year (which is fine as we only plan to have me work for one year). But just knowing I will be fired if I refuse my flu shot is completely unacceptable to me... by next year word is that flu shots will be mandatory for all hospital workers (at least here in Rochester). This year we have to sign a waiver if we refuse-which of course being the trouble maker that I am I will try to get away with not signing it! Anyway keep sticking to your beliefs and of course the most important thing for all to know is KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. We may live in a "free" country, but our rights our violated all the time. And if someone "talks" to you more than 2 times about vaccinations and you have made your point very clear, just threaten to sue for harrassment, because that is what it is...pure harrassment.
Gee I cannot wait to get my license to practice as a naturopathic doctor!!!!!

Angie said...

Vaccine Refusal Form

Jess said...

Bethany W - when I had Baby #3 the hospital couldn't obtain my records, so instead of waiting a day until the doctor's office opened, they went ahead and gave my baby a hep shot. WHAT?!!
That was Waaay before I was informed like I am now. I am about to give birth in the next couple of weeks. I DARE someone to touch my baby this time...I don't even want them taking my baby out of the room to wash him!!
We have to do certain vaccines bc we travel overseas (and will soon be living overseas) but it's all about Making An Informed Decision instead of blindly doing what a doctor tells us to do!
Awesome comments guys!! Love it!

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