Monday, October 06, 2008

Some neat herbal remedies

I am very excited to be getting together with a friend of mine later this week to talk about herbs, natural remedies and nourishing traditions food ways. I was up late over here, as Jeremiah, who normally hooks Jedidiah up to his night time feeding is not well and went to bed early. So I got online and went to the Bulk Herb site. They have 'recipes' sent in by readers/customers. Wow! Simple stuff, but tried and true. I prefer those things that I would have on hand and are easy to make up. I am really excited about these recipes so I thought I would share. I have recently received two inter loan library books about herbs. I've been skimming through them to get a feel for the books. I am hoping to have an herb garden next year and wanted some ideas of what herbs cover a wide spectrum of issues. I've been very fond of the Practical Herbalism book for that information. Anyways, do check out the Bulk Herb Store for the recipes for all sorts of illnesses. Let me know if you've tried any and the results.

I do hope to put up a post about our zoo trip with pictures. I spent my day being very diligent in child training and haven't had the time. And tonight I just didn't feel like waiting for the pictures to load up. It is time to hook Jed up to his night time feeding. He is doing pretty well. He was very intrigued by the moon tonight, bringing Jeremiah and myself over to the window to look at it with him, ,very cute! And last but not least I have finally dug into sleep training with Jonah today. It has been put off for many different reasons over the past couple of weeks. Today was the day. He did very well. He cried for a bit both times. But I am right there patting his back the whole time, telling him that he is ok,and he is a big boy learning how to go to sleep, etc. He was starting to get increasingly fussy throughout the days and I knew it was time to sleep train him. Normally the girls could walk or rock him to sleep if I couldn't but even that wasn't working this past week, making for a very long week!


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Reeder said...

Thanks for this info. Our family keeps reforming in this area. We started eating whole foods almost two years ago. Have been vegetarians for almost a year. And now have decided to go more herbal. A little at a time as we learn. We have learned a lot from the Conlons. (Yes, that was Grace in the photo with Chris, by the way.) Thanks again. Have a great day!

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