Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some more pictures

Hey all! Nothing too new here. We went to the annual Responsible Dog Ownership day. We've gone the past three years now. The girls brought home lots of goodies for the dogs- treats, toys and a new water bowl and dish. They always love going. Saoirse had to stay in the stroller the whole time as she thought her shoes were in the van, but didn't actually look, so she had no shoes! Ahhhhh four year olds. We are dog sitting a friends dog. She is very well behaved. The girls though have broken every rule that I have set in regards to the dog. So I told them that they couldn't do this again anytime soon. It would be good training for them if I was up to the task. But I've been too busy with just trying to do the normal stuff around here. I uploaded a bunch of pictures and a short little video of Jed running. Most of the pics are of him and Saoirse. They just happen to be the ones out on the porch with me at the time. The girls were inside doing school work. Although Moira has once again "lost" her school books. Can anyone tell me HOW that happens? I mean they are in the house SOMEWHERE! And I have the feeling she hasn't looked as hard as say if she lost a 10 dollar bill. Ok, on to some pictures. We have baths/showers to be had, dinner made, house picked up, and family worship, all in the next three and a half hours.

Have a blessed day.

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My Montage 9/27/08

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