Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have received some great comments on my vaccination post! I was pleased, as
I was a bit worried, as it is such a hot topic. I wanted to put my sisters
comment here in a post to be read by all. She is an RN and her insights into
this controversy is worth reading. I didn't want anyone to miss out on it! Ok, off to eat lunch
clean, clean, clean!

Well your dear sister here just couldn't NOT post a comment here after
reading all these other wonderful comments. As an RN, I feel like I am a
hypocrite going into work. It's not just about vaccinations, but about all
synthetic drugs massed produced and pushed onto people. I have to administer
these drugs in my job, but I do not believe they are doing anyone any good
vaccinations). SO while I feel I am doing more harm by administering
drugs, I do my utmost to "preach" about natural healing, herbs, and
doing things
the way God intended us to do. Not only do I preach to the
patients, but also
their families and co-workers. Now I have found myself in
a predicament. We
highly encouraged by the hospital to get our flu shots (they are FREE after all
please note the sarcasm!). But I will be refusing mine. The sad thing is most
people I work with are shocked at my decision as they will view me as a
and probably the cause of any of our patients contracting the flu (I
work on the
respiratory floor). It is very sad that doctors and some nurses
understand that people with already compromised immune systems are
more likely
to die after getting a flu or pneumonia vaccine as they are if
they got the
disease in the first place. Vaccines temporarily suppress
your immune system (for
how long is still debatable), so if one
is already ill with something else,
then having one's immune system
suppressed even for a short time can open the
door for some serious problems
to occur in the body. So the entire problem for
me is I will be out of a job
by next year (which is fine as we only plan to have
me work for one year).
But just knowing I will be fired if I refuse my flu shot
is completely
unacceptable to me... by next year word is that flu shots will be
for all hospital workers (at least here in Rochester). This year we
have to
sign a waiver if we refuse-which of course being the trouble maker that
I am
I will try to get away with not signing it! Anyway keep sticking to your
beliefs and of course the most important thing for all to know is KNOW YOUR
RIGHTS. We may live in a "free" country, but our rights our violated all the
time. And if someone "talks" to you more than 2 times about vaccinations and
have made your point very clear, just threaten to sue for harassment, because
that is what it is...pure harassment. Gee I cannot wait to get my license to
practice as a naturopathic doctor!!!!!


Laura said...

Loved this comment from your RN sister!!! Great words! Happy cleaning!

Bethany W. said...

I will pray for your sister!

kayla said...

You have a great blog. i found you some how when i was looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia. I iwish you all the best.

lindy said...

I strongly agree and support freedom of choice, especially a parents right to make decisions for the benefit of their kids. And I agree with Tracey that unfortunately parents are pressured to comply with school regulations, etc. However, I find it sort of irresponsible of Tracey to make a blanket statement like "I have to administer these drugs in my job, but I do not believe they are doing anyone any good (like vaccinations)." I am shocked that you would make such a statement as a health care professional. The reality is that for some people these drugs/vaccinations are lifesaving, beneficial and make a tremendous difference in their medical cases. I know many people with some serious health issues that if not treated with modern medical drugs/surgery, etc., would be dead (period).

Now that doesn't mean that medications are beneficial to everyone, or should be administered without careful thought and closely monitored. Medicine is not a perfect science and is ever changing with new technology/research...some for the better...and some for the worse (ex: childbirth, IMO)

Immunizations (since that is the original topic) have been proven to reduce the occurance of some terrible and deadly diseases...which THANKFULLY we haven't had to really witness in our lifetimes!!! This new fad/idea that ALL vaccinations are evil, some or all will cause Autism, etc. is based out of fear for not having answers and looking for something to blame. It has not yet been scientifically proven (or disproven, IMO -- so I personally am still concerned about some of the consequences of so many given at such a young age and personally am pro-vaccinations but have decided to skip some or delay others). And, after MUCH research I would say that yes, some vaccines are questionable IMO (ex: flu, chicken pox). But, others are crucial to prevent the spread of some truly awful diseases that once again we are sooo fortunate to never see (ex: diphtheria, tetanus, polio.)

Having at least one close relative (my mom) grow up in WWII where the Germans didn't allow medications or immunizations and hearing all the stories of how she watched many of her school aged friends and relatives contract, suffer, have long-term disabilities, or die of these diseases truly makes me appreciate the fact that many of these diseases are no longer a threat due to immunizations. Now the "Evil" MMR shot -- measels, mumps and rubella -- well again from my research (and mom's stories since she/her friends/family has ALL 3) those are also generally not terrible, but can lead to some really bad stuff like meningitis or encephalitis - one of her school friends did die from that due to the measels).

So again..I can respect if you choose to skip them or delay them all together -- that is your choice. But, please do your research on all the diseases (especially if you plan on travelling outside the U.S.) because these diseases are real and used to be much more prevalent. Thanks to the invention of vaccinations (which are not perfect -- and have other stuff in them which is certainly a concern, etc) they have done much good in preventing unecessary suffering and death around the world...so maybe a small risk is sometimes worth it. Just my 2 cents.

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