Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I used to be smart....

at least that is what I have been telling myself today. We weighed Jed just the other day to find out that he has LOST two ounces! Um, ok, now what are we doing wrong? Well it appears that I happened to have forgotten a very, very, very crucial element of this whole mission to gain weight. And that is this: Once Jed has gained weight his current calorie needs go up. So we need to periodically check to make sure that we are meeting his calorie needs. I think because he spent so much time NOT gaining weight, and with the new additions of homemade formula and a handful of supplements (that take quite a bit of time to prepare) I had forgotten that rather simple, but VERY important concept. Until today. It finally dawned on me that with his recent weight loss that I should check his current calorie needs. Um, yeah.....we are only like short some 300 mls- or thereabouts. I can be thankful that he has only lost two ounces. So today we increase his feedings. I am hoping that he will be back on the rise soon :-)

Saoirse woke up with this horrid sounding coughing thing going on....think croup. But within a few minutes she was ok, and hasn't coughed again all morning. Isa had a sore throat yesterday and so I am assuming that has something to do with Saoirse. It looks as if the fight is on to keep everyone well. I have to say that I have been lacking in the healthy menu area. It's not that its really bad or anything, just letting more sugar creep in than I should. But, hey, there is only so much I can do!

Here is a funny: Last night the girls and I were looking on the web about the couple who just had identical triplets. I have always been fascinated by multiples, and what would be more exciting than multiples that are identical? So we are looking at a video on YouTube and on the side bar there is a video on conjoined twins. The girls asked to watch it. No biggie, or so I thought. Afterwards I sent them all off to get ready for bed. Flannery comes back to say goodnight, then proceeds to sit down in a chair next to me. I tell her she has to go to bed. She remains sitting with "the look". The look she gets when she is freaked out about something. She tells me she is scared. I ask her what she is afraid of (she had recently been afraid of her closet, so I was expecting something along those lines). She tells me, as she is crying, that she is scared because of the movie. Movie? What movie? The one we just watched she tells me. Hmmmm, the movie we just mean the one about the conjoined twins? Yes, and she starts bawling. I ask her why she is afraid. Come to find out that she thought that this sort of thing could happen to anyone at anytime. Poor thing! I think she was afraid she was going to wake up with another person attached to her. I assured her that was not possible. I explained, with a drawing, how this sort of thing happens. She was still a bit freaked out this morning as she herself wasn't feeling well and asked me if I was sure that things like that wouldn't happen. Ahhh, children :-)

We are in the throws of organizing. Things are going pretty well. I have to do what I can in between feeding children, and taking care of the baby. At least the house looks decent at this moment. So I am able to tackle little areas at a time. I will take a pictures around our house when I am through.

And one last note. An odd one I am sure to some. I am not even sure how to word it, and really it probably isn't something that needs to be "talked" about, but it has been on my mind now for days. I don't have a lot of time to make comments on other peoples blogs. I usually just read and am on my way. I only leave comments on my family and friends blogs. But every once in a blue moon I will make a comment or more likely ask a question on someone elses blog. There is a blog I visit regularly. I have learned soooo much from her writing. There are things she writes about that I don't always agree with, but that is not a problem to me, it's her blog :-) However, lately, she has had a lot to write about the "End Times". The whole "Great Tribulation", rapture and what not. I wrote to her to suggest that everyone re-read those scriptures that talk about those 'matters' in light of who Jesus was actually talking to, and when He Himself said those things would take place. That is all I said, along with telling her how much I loved her blog. My comment was not published. I was bummed. I was a bit upset only because I know that a lot of people read her blog, some who are new Christians, and others who are not. I have been reading a book on this matter called "End Times Madness". And one theme that runs through the book (at least as far as I have read) is that when Christians start making a big deal about what they perceive as the "signs" that they see that say the end is near and then the end doesn't come....well that discredits the Bible. But the end, at least the end that Jesus was talking about, already happened! It wasn't the end of the world, it was the end of the old covenant, and that end was going to consist of Jerusalem being judged for crucifying the Messiah. So the events in Matthew 24 and Revelation have already taken place. We are not waiting for these things to happen. And each generation has been able to take their current events and wrap them around Scripture to say...."Look, the end is at hand!" But the end already came. So for anyone who has worries or has questions on this matter I would guide you back to the Bible to see what it has to say for itself, and also the book I mentioned. Not to say we don't live in scary times, but they don't have anything to do with the "end times" Jesus was speaking of.

Gotta go, I've got a fussy baby on (or I should say, IN) my hands :-)


Henley said...

Kerri, that is interesting that your comment wasn't published. I've never understood why people have blogs that allow comments if the blog owner only publishes comments agreeing with their opinion. That seems strange. I've learned a lot from reading differing opinions on blogs. It certainly seems okay to differ as long as we all do it in a mature manner! Oh well. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that Jedidiah gains a little weight now that you're increasing his caloric intake. He is so active, he probably burns a lot off! Have a great rest of the week. Hi to the family:)

Angie said...


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