Friday, September 19, 2008

An eventful day

We had a very full day yesterday. It started as usual. I have been following the advice of a friend and instead of having the girls get out ALL the cleaning supplies to clean the bathroom everyday, they just use a baby wipe. Then at the end of the week they will use the cleaners. That has been working wonders! I can't believe their bathroom has been clean ALL week long. Miracles of miracles :-) So after our morning reading we went to our friends house to get some milk. The girls ran around chasing chickens, and Jedidiah got to sit on the riding mower. Fun for all. We kept the evenings activities a secret. Although they didn't stay secret all day, the cat was let out of the bag. But they didn't mind! Before leaving for the evening I had the girls do their school work and clean up the usual mess. And as a side note I am seriously, SERIOUSLY thinking of putting EVERYone of their things under lock and key. I am NOT joking! I spend all my day telling them to clean up. And I am not talking about them taking something out and me saying put it away, then they get the next thing out, etc. I am talking I am feeding the baby while they take everything they own out, then I have to ride them all day to get it put away, ALL day. ALL day EVERY day. Yeah, I'm a bit fed up with this system. I do have to say my putting up all the dishes has done wonders to keeping my kitchen in a decent order. So I am going to attack all their stuff next. OK, sorry to have gone off on that tangent. Anyhoo, I see that Moira isn't doing her school work so I tell her to go and get it done. This also is an ongoing everyday issue with her. So imagine my surprise when she tells me, I can't do my school because of the bees. Um, Yeah, Right!!!! Like that's right up there with the dog ate my homework. She and Isabella had been doing their school work out on the porch earlier and she had left hers outside. So seeing as how I only see these little baby type bees on our driveway I tell her she better go out there and get her work as I am not buying her excuse. Although I will say I was surprised to see a honey bee up there that morning when we went to our friends house. I took mental note at how odd that was. So she tells me again she can't because of the bees. I'm thinking she must be talking about two bees, and tell her they won't bother her if she doesn't bother them. Then I hear Isabella ......"GOLLY!!! Look at ALL those bees!!!!!" So I get up (I was nursing Jonah man) and come to the window and lo and behold we had a SWARM of bees on our hummingbird feeder. I had noticed that the hummingbird solution went faster than normal this week and I took a mental note to inspect it for leaks. Well apparently the bees found the leak before I did. I have never ever seen so many bees in one place in my life!! On TV yes, in real life NO!! My poor sister would have fainted dead away had she seen it!

Ok onto the rest of our day. We went into Raleigh for dinner and went to the girls favorite park. Fun, fun, fun. Then we went to the National Police Dog Field Trials. I was expecting to see some of the same things we have seen at other events over the years. I couldn't have been more wrong!!! They had the dogs demonstrate their agility and obedience to their handlers. Then they did some bite work. What total fun! They set up a few situations, like a cop searching a suspect, or the silliest being this cop dressed up as a women, and they had his dog in a baby stroller. He had this big purse and was walking along. Along comes a bad guy who steals his purse and the dog took after him faster than you can say, GO! It was really funny. Then the grand finale. We were a bit bummed that we had gotten there just a few minutes before they began as all the bleachers next to the agility equipment were taken. Well it turns out we had the best seats in the house for the grand finale. The announcer says that he was sorry that we would have to wait a few minutes for the program to continue as it seemed that a few of the officers were called away for some reason. The whole program was to demonstrate the dogs abilities and to have some fun. So he had already "tricked" us with a few other situations and we knew this was no exception. So a minute later he tells us that he had been informed that the officers were called away to a chase. Well no sooner than he says that I see a helicopter not far away. I thought, NO WAY they have a copter coming in here! But then we hear a bunch of police car sirens. They get louder and louder. In comes a car onto the track (we were at a high school football/track field) being "chased" by the police. So our attention was averted to the scene in front of us, when out of the corner I see and hear something....the helicopter!!! OH! If you could have all seen Jedidiah's look on his face!!!PRICELESS. But the poor little guy was not only shocked in amazement but fear as well. He was actually shaking! The helicopter landed about 100 feet away from us! Our bleacher was the closest! Jedidiah's eyes just stayed bugged out for the longest time. Afterwards Jeremiah took him up to it but he wouldn't touch it! Although as we were leaving he did wave goodbye to the helicopter. We got home at their bedtime and it was nighty night for all.

We have another long evening tonight as we were invited over to some friends house for dinner. They live a ways off (almost an hour). So we'll be home late again. We are planning for next week to be a bit more on the quiet side. Poor Jonah breaks down at 7 pm. He is ready for bed at that time and makes no bones about telling EVERYONE in a miles radius about it!! :-) I am going to go now to make a montage of all our pictures I took today (chickens, park, police dogs....). I hope everyone has a blessed day!

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 9/19/08


Laura said...

What a fun busy weekend (minus) the bees! That's neat they let you watch the dogs, I've never heard of that. Your pictures turned out great. On a side note we put ALL our toys up in storage containers sometime back. It's a little costly, but has been a blessing. I wrote a post on our playroom and showed our boxes, I think it was in July or August. It tells how we use the works as long as I enforce it :) We are pretty clean at the moment.

Henley said...

You know I'm a big Jed fan so I hope the new health supplies are REALLY helping him!! I would love to send him a little something if you can post things he likes. It would help! Would you mind if I send him something? Guess I should ask that first!! thanks for sharing your life with us!

Anonymous said...

I read your comment/ testimony on Lys' site (resolved2worship) and just wanted to say how touched I was by it... I appreciate your honesty, and the way you are seeking to walk in obedience to what the Lord asks.

sweet blessings to you and your adorable little guy. :)

Amber~ (Hutch5@xanga)

Kerri said...

Oh, you are so sweet! I think it would be fine if you would like to send him something. Jed is really, really into construction vehicles and tractors! He also likes balls, books and puzzles. You can email me at:
kjpechin at yahoo dot com
That was I will be able to give you my address. BTW I love the descriptions of you cats! Too cute. We only have one cat, who found us. He is extremely loveable. Loves people! I had prayed for a mouser, and two days later he showed up on our lawn, NO JOKE! He's been with us for a few months now! I do worry that he may decide to find another family. Although he gets a TON of attention here, which he seems to like.


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