Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A neat homeschool site

I have been laying low here. Not that I have been inactive, just quiet online. I have been doing more praying and more cleaning/organizing. On top of that I and a few others have been hit by the cold that is going around. I have really, really been seeking the Lord in regards to the children and my priorities. I find that necessary, especially when I have what seems to be a gazillion ideas going through my head. Right now I have narrowed my priorities in what I need to be teaching them. But for some reason other things, like debt reduction, have been heavy on my mind. I have the tendency to be a bit radically in my thoughts. I can't help it as it has been 6 years when we were in financial dire straights. Although we are not in straights right now, we are definitely knee deep! And I have crazy, irrational ideas, no really I do! So here is my "get out of debt as quickly as possible plan" (and don't say I didn't warn ya!). So we find some really great friend who will rent us a smidge of their land, while we rent out our house. We build a straw bale one room home. Have a wood burning stove, a solar device to run a small fridge, Jed's feeding pump, and maybe a fan. Our vehicles are paid for, so we would just make is so I don't go anywhere but once a month (outside of family church activities). We have a huge garden, learn to can and maybe utilize space in someones garage for a freezer to freeze some harvest. The draw, well I'm sure there are too many to count! Ha ha ha! I mean life with no Internet? I suppose I would use my once a month outing to go to the library to use the Internet there. Hey, it would give us a lot more mula (not sure how they spell that) to put towards our debt. I know Jeremiah would like to start taking short term missions trips. There are a lot of things that I would like to see the girls be able to do, but our past financial mistakes continue to haunt us. Although our most recent issues are from Jedidiah's health problems. But hey, how hard could it be to keep one, ONE, room clean? Ok, we doooooo have to factor in 6 kids to the equation, but I mean, really now, how hard could it be to keep one room clean?

Ok, enough of my craziness. I am sure if you didn't think I was batty before, you do now!!!! I wanted to share with you this really wonderful homeschooling site. It is Massive! I mean think of a topic and they have a group devoted to it! You must check it out. Even seasoned homeschoolers would have something there that would interest them. Almost every state is represented there as well, with their own group. It's called The Homeschool Lounge. A wonderful gathering on women. Check them out.


Angie said...

call me again, maybe I can hear you this time if Jesse stays quiet. :o)
I like your crazy ideas. I think we need to lets so cell phones or something go?

Katie said...

You might want to re-think having a woodburning stove in a house made from straw.... ;-)

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