Thursday, September 11, 2008

How we feed Jed and another montage

This will be a different sort of post. This is a "how-to" of sorts. Not the kind of info you want to find yourself in need of though. Anyways this is how we feed Jed. There may be images that may make one queasy, if plastic tubing in/out of a body makes one queasy that is. If not, please continue. At the bottom (at least that is where I am hoping it loads up to) you will find some non-queasy pictures :-) I made another montage of our outside time yesterday, of Jonah and of the porch play time that the kiddos had today. They made a nice big mess.....err I mean tent out there.

This is what goes into Jedidiah's new homemade formula. From left to right...we have the first three bottles being the different oils I put in seperately through his medicine port. The oils seperate from the rest of the formula so they have to be given seperately. I only use one of the at each of his feeding. The AM I use coconut oil, the lunch time feed I give hemp oil, and the PM I give him flax seed oil. The other ingredients are liquid magnesium/calcium, liquid vitamins, blackstrap molasses, rice milk, wheat germ oil, and goats milk.

Here is the formula made up. I make two bottles at a time. It only takes a moment longer than making one bottle. And he goes through it too quickly.

Here is his feeding pump. The bag we put the formula in is hanging from the top. The blue box is where we set the timing and volume.

Here I am priming the pump. You have to get the formula from the bag down to the opening of the tubing, otherwise your poor kiddo will be filled with a lot of air!

Here I am filling the feeding bag. He currently gets 300mls.

Here is Jed sitting in his seat, ready to be hooked up. He was eating some yogurt amd apple sauce.

This is his g-tube. The white stuff you see on his shirt and the skin around his tube is the Desitin diaper cream. The cream helps with the irritation from any leakage.

Now we hook up the tubing from the pump to his g-tube.

Next we put the oil in. Jedidiah has taken to helping me push it in.

Last, we push the run button to start the feeding. When he is done we have to unhook him and then clean out the bag and tubing.


KathyEller said...

kUDOS! I am soo proud of you for making his formula! Most people wouldnt even have thought of it and it WILL benefit him. Thank you for sharing with us how you do it!

Tracy said...

WOW!!! Some very cool pictures! I am going to be very excited to hear how Jed gains weight! He looks so much older! All the kids look great! We cannot wait to see all of you, hopefully around the holidays!!! Love to all!

KathyEller said...

My heart is breaking for a family with a very premature baby in NICU. She had to be taken off of breastmilk...I shared this post with them in case it would be an encouragements BUT it sounds like a lot of work and maybe too much for them right now. Email me and I will give you their blog adress so you can read the story and join me in prayer :)

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