Monday, May 16, 2011

We've got the sickies

So strep did come through as I mentioned.  But now we either have two kiddos who started to have it and I didn't get it taken care of all the way, OR they have something else going on.  Lovely :-)  A lot of great stuff has been happening around here, and the illnesses reflect that.  We never have good gains in our family without sickness following within hours.  I have a lot of plans for this week, and I can only pray that this sickness leaves quickly. So far I was able to find the proper remedy for the others so they were feeling fine within hours.  I'm having a harder time finding the right one for Flannery and Saoirse who are the current sick ones.  I just need to have the time to sit and read over my resources. 

I was able to get the boys' room done this past weekend.  Now only 8 rooms left to go!!!  Thankfully I've already done a decluttering a couple of years ago.  So this time around is proving much easier.  It just seems that when ever the baby goes to sleep it's meal time around here and I am spending that free time cooking!  But I am determined!  So this week is purge week and next week the oldest three girls have their year end testing.  After that we will be starting our new homemade 'curriculum'.  We'll only have another three weeks of speech therapy as well, which will help us to get on the ball.  I'm looking forward to it.  Come next year, speech will be only five minutes away!!!  Woo Hoo!! 

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