Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moira update

Well, she's home now!  Moira has amazing timing....that's all I've got to say. Oh, you want me to say more?  Well it appears that Moira will be, oh so very soon, initiated into womanhood.  Hey, like I said, you can't beat the timing.  So they were in the ER, with lots and lots of very sick people (I'm guessing everyone there has what we've had.....yucky stuff to be sure) so it took a while longer for them to get her into the back.  They were going to do an ultrasound, but figured that if anything showed up they would have to do a CT scan anyways, so they decided to skip the US and go for the CT scan at the get go.  They saw a couple of small foreign bodies, that they are assuming are scar tissue.  And the biggie was a small amount of her uterus.  For all you ladies out there, maybe you can chime in on this, but for me (and for the guys this will be tmi!!!) I flo first *then* get cramps hours later.  I know my one daughter cramps first and hours later starts her flo.  So I know that is normal, but just seems odd.  Anyways we are awaiting the 'official' initiation rights :-)  I guess the docs say it could be one to three days!  Oh, why oh why couldn't this all be so much more simple.  I really hate waiting.  I really don't want to wait a few days to see if she starts or not.  Not that I have any other option!  It's only 8 am but I need a nap.  Night all!

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