Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Bunnies and an Adventure

A little background first.  I made a birthday gift for my niece. Three knitted bunnies.  However, in Kerri fashion, I was late.  The boys were quite fond of them and kept taking parts of the bunnies away, and it would take me forever to find them.  Once done, it was past her birthday.  I figured since I was already late, why not keep them a wee bit longer and have a little fun.  So we took her bunnies with us on a few adventures :-)

Three Bunnies go to the Park, Part 1:

After it was decided that we would go to the park, the bunnies begged us to come along.  Hmmm, well, even though they are bunnies, and knitted ones at that, we thought that there safety was important.  Nothing like having to send them off to Emma all smooshed up!  Not having any better of an idea, we just decided to buckle them in.

They look a bit concerned here I think.  We do have an extra large van.  I think they were a bit intimidated.

Hey guys, it will be ok, you'll see.  Are you all comfortable and ready for fun at the park?

The first thing they wanted to do was go down the slide.  That's a tall order for small bunnies.  I think once they got over their intimidation of the van they were ready for anything!  I am sure they broke all the 'unspoken slide rules', but they had fun doing it. 

Make sure you stop yourselves before you reach the end!  You can tell they were going down fast by looking at their ears.  They are flapping behind them.  Dare devils they are.

When they went to go for another slide ride I found them goofing off at the top of the platform!  You're going to fall and kill yourselves!!!  Oh, silly, silly bunnies.  They have a lot to learn.  All I can say is, Emma, you have your work cut out for you.  Be very careful if you ever take them to the park.  :-)

Come back in a few days to find out what else the bunnies were up to at the park.

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