Monday, May 09, 2011


Ah, life just seems to be throwing us one curve ball after another.  Although I am completely and totally HAPPY they are small curve balls :-)  Moira is doing fine.  She goes in Wednesday to get her cast on.  She hasn't taken any pain reliever today and seems totally fine!  That's good. 

We had a wonderful Mother's Day, spent with Jeremiah's mom.  We went out to dinner.  Isabella started feeling yucky a bit earlier and it appears that she has contracted the dreaded strep throat.  She is on a remedy right now and we will see how that helps her.  Yes, homeopathy can take care of strep throat :-) 

So the other day I started to download the pictures that were on my camera from the weekend.  I think there were 162 of them if I remember.  However, half way through Jonah was standing close by, tripped on a toy and reached out to catch himself.  He knocked my camera to the floor.  The camera in general is fine, but the USB connection was broken on the camera side.  So it looks like the cheap fix will be to buy a card reader (for ten bucks) as apposed to having the USB connection fixed ($250).  As Jeremiah was searching for a solution he came across the new Canon 70D camera.  Um, let's just say I'm jealous, and trying not to be covetous :-)  It is about the same price as my camera, but with a lot more going for it, like a flip out LCD display AND video recording capability!!!  Drool.  Hee, hee.  So it looks like no pictures to be put up for a while, until we can get a card reader. 

We have a busy few weeks.  The normal stuff like speech and art classes, and Bible study.  Plus the girls' portfolio night, cast put on, meet up with the new speech therapy team and a couple of other things.  I need to take a deep breath.  I wrote it all down, lest I forget.  Hopefully the calender doesn't get lost!   Then I'd be in trouble.  Must be off.  Jonah came up to me diaperless saying he has poo-poos :-0

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