Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prayers needed again....

Yes, again.  I am sure you must think I am kidding.  Oh, how I wish I was!!  And you know who they are for, don't you?  Yes, Moira.  No.....I'm NOT kidding.  Jeremiah and Moira headed to the ER just about 30 minutes ago.  I am really, really hoping that this is just the sickness that everyone else has been coming down with.  After all at least 7 of the 9 of us have been or are currently ill.  Poor Flannery had it the worst.  Body aches BAD, really, really bad headache, fever and a bit of a sore throat.  Jed came down with it.  While he was napping, Flannery told me it felt like her legs were broken.  Wow, that's some body aches!  I thought she was being a bit dramatic.  However, Jed woke from his nap and the first thing he says is, "Mommy, my legs are broken."  Oh, my, I guess Flannery wasn't being dramatic.  So, I know this illness brings some really bad pain with it.  However all that said, this is what's been going on with Moira.  Around lunch time (unknown to me) her abdomen started hurting.  Granted Jonah has been complaining of his tummy hurting (Flannery and Saoirse also had painful tummies).  The pain has been getting worse since this afternoon.  She just told us an hour or so ago about the pain, telling me it hurts REALLY bad.  Here's the bad news.  It hurts across her whole abdomen, around to her back and down her leg (sciatica).  It's the sciatica pain that has us very concerned.  The abscess that she had last month was giving her abdominal pain, around to the back, and down her leg (sciatica).  Due to where the abscess was located, it was pressing on her sciatic nerve.  Now, maybe, just maybe, this is a weak area in her body and so the illness is settling in there first?  Oh, one can only  hope.  But to be safe, we decided that a trip to the ER was necessary. 

Please, please pray for Moira's peace.  Although she is in a lot of pain, I think she is more fearful than anything.  She was completely upset about having to go to the hospital (although at the same time she wanted to go due to how much pain she was in).  I sat and prayed with her.  I know she would really covet your prayers during this time.  Please also pray for Jeremiah.  He actually was in bed early due to coming down with this illness.  So pray that I was able to give him the right remedy so that he's not horribly ill while at the hospital.  If he gets really sick, they may send him home, meaning I'll have to stay with Moira (if she needs to stay).  Right now I'm getting ahead of myself, but at the same time these are possibilities that I need to be sorting out. 

I'll let you all know what happens.  :-(

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